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Download Cooking Diary MOD APK 1.31.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Cooking Diary MOD (Unlimited Money) is one of the best restaurant management game. The player is given the role of a chef who owns his restaurant. The restaurant is located in Tasty Hills. Most of the people who live here are foody and enjoy taking meals maximum times a day. The player has to take orders and deliver them with food at the correct time. He has to manage the restaurant like a business. The game also give rewards for the behaviour. There are varieties of dishes available for cooking. The chef needs to help his colleagues to deliver the order at the perfect time.

Information about Cooking Diary Mod Apk

APP Name Cooking Diary
Version 1.31.1
Size 450M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
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The story of the game is linked with the grandfather of the chef. Long years ago the restaurant was opened by his grandfather in the town of Tasty Hills. Till now, it has become the most liked restaurant in the city. So, it is the responsibility of the player to continue the chain of hotel management like his grandpa. The story doesn’t end only in a single restaurant. The chef has to open dozens of more branches of the hotel in different cities of the district. The game doesn’t only focus on making tasty food but also give ideas about growing a business.

Features of Cooking Diary

There are many new features added to the upgraded version. Some of these features are the following:-

Cook different varieties of dishes

The restaurant serves the customer with the best food. There are more than 100 recipes and dishes available for the customer to choose. It includes food varieties from different parts of the world. Even a foreigner can get some matching food dishes in the restaurants. Chef should try his best to serve tasty recipes to the new customers and convert them with recurring ones.

Enhance the look of the restaurant

The chef should also look into the cleanliness of the restaurant for attracting more customers. He should take immediate cleaning steps after the customers finished their meals. It creates a different impression for the new customers. Accept the feedback very gently by giving them an honest smile. After serving more people, the restaurant will start getting crowdy. Focus on managing the staff and timing to help all of them in proper time.

Open new branches in the city

Expand your business by opening new branches in the city. Serve the same quality of dishes on every branch and don’t make them compare it with other restaurants. Serve tasty recipes by giving proper time to the ordered food. Don’t be in a hurry to serve food; otherwise, the food won’t get a good taste. Maintain the total sale and profit everyday from each branch and take new steps to gain attention from people.

Interact with customers

Don’t serve the customer like outsiders. Please treat them with full care inside the restaurant. Interact with them to keep a strong bond. Serve dishes politely to grab peaceful attention from the crowd. Compete with other restaurants with loyalty to working. Don’t keep the restaurant unhygienic otherwise; the customers will not get attracted to the restaurant. Keep changing the arrangement for giving a different look.

Participate in Culinary competition

It is a competition held in the city of Tasty hills. The chef has to participate and win the game by delivering the tastiest dishes. Compete with expert chefs by focusing on your technique of cooking. Prepare new types of dishes with the given materials and take your master chef trophy from the competition.

Download Cooking Diary MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Diary is the best game for food lovers. It also gives you the knowledge of new varieties of dishes served all across the world. A player can also get the experience of running a restaurant and serving the customers.

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