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Download Rail Rush Mod Apk 1.9.18 (Unlimited Money)

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Rail Rush is a game of running a cart on a railway track. The player has to sit in the cart and travel along the path to collect gold, precious stones, and gems from different places. He also needs to face various obstacles on the way before reaching the final destination. The tracks run along with scary caves, waterfalls, sweet wonderland, and a lot of amazing places. The player only has to know to control the cart to protect himself from thieves and monsters on the way. More rewards are given for collecting golden stones. The game is all about exploring fun in most adventurous places.

Information about Rail Rush Mod Apk

APP Name Rail Rush
Size 49M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On August 2020
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Rail Rush shares impressive 3D graphics to make the game more outstanding. The scenes are planned with much effort for giving a new experience of having an exotic type of adventure. Many railway tracks take the player to a new destination. Every level provides a new kind of habitat to draw the attention of the player. He needs to control the cart and also learn to run it in two wheels to get out of the critical situation. The game is full of beautiful and scary sounds that change in concern to the places. The overall gameplay is quite addictive and satisfactory for those who want to experience some new style of adventure.

Features of Rail Rush Mod

Rail Rush aims to experience the journey of amazing places on the railway track. A user can get benefited from the following features in the game:-

18 new character to choose

The game provides around 18 characters including man, lady, boy, girl, etc. to select for the rail journey. It has a collection of new carts to choose from travelling along the track. Both free and premium characters are available to give an experience of moving along the route with any of the favourite characters. Players also can unlock new carts and characters after reaching a threshold score and purchase it from the store in exchange for their saved points.

Cool power-ups on the way

Power-ups are available after a few distances of every track to make the game a little simple. It helps the player to come out of the dangerous situation and move forward without getting trapped in any case. There are many types of power-ups available for the player to explore. It helps in increasing the speed of the cart and running the cart in two wheels. The player also gets some weapons to attack the thief to save the collected golden stones.

Action-packed gameplay

The game has many evil characters that attack the player on the way to steal his golden coins. The player has to deal with them by using his weapons at the right time. He should also save some power-ups from the beginning to haggle with them at the right time. The game is full of multiple action scenes and casualties at different sites of the railway track. The player had to go through each situation at least once to make himself ready for the next gameplay.

Leaderboards of the game

The game displays the leader board to make the player realized about his level of effort. It also motivates the participant to improve his skill to get his name on the top of the leader board. The player has to option to give a name to the characters so that it can display the name on the leaderboard. The name on the board changes whenever someone breaks the record of the top player.

Download Rail Rush Mod Apk 1.9.18 for Android

Rail Rush is one of the most addictive running games on the play store. The excellent 3D graphics and location are enough to attract someone to play a few more matches. It gives an experience of running carts in the scariest and beautiful places in the world.

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