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Agent Action MOD APK 1.5.2 Download (Unlock all game/Money) for Android

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Agent Action (MOD, Unlocked) provides remarkable gameplay for playing the role of a spying agent. The game aims to find tricks for saving the world. He has to crack all the plans of Dr.Evilz to protect the nation from a terror attack. The player gets the role of Agent action to deal with different war zones and save the country from attacks. Players can use new weapons like rifles and short guns to turn the place into an explosive site. It is a game for satisfying all types of action in the air as well as on the ground. Stronger reflex actions are necessary to clear the levels.

Information about Agent Action Mod Apk

APP Name Agent Action
Size 39M
Features Unlock all game/Money
Powered By
Last Update On August 2020
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Agent Action gives the experience of a real spy for solving the different locked mystery. The player has to find the real head behind the explosion happening in the city to bring peace. The game is loaded with high-level action scenes like flying in a helicopter and killing people coming on the way. The agent is independent to choose any car or vehicle to ride for competing for the mission. He can change his outfit to shift his identity and don’t let anyone detect him as an agent. The game offers a new purpose for having exciting boss fights.

Feature of Agent Action Game

Agent Action mod comes with every gun and rifle unlock to use in the mission. Some features available to explore are the following:-

New locations to observe

Agent Action is the leading character in the game who needs Dr Evilz for stopping an explosion in the city. The player needs to find and kill him to bring peace to the town. There are a lot of adventures and mystery to solve before competing on the journey. The game gives a tiny clue for solving the case for finding Dr Evilz. The different obstacle comes from the lames of the real boss who comes on the way to stop the player. The game is full of battles and wars in different places.

Stop nuclear warheads

On every level, there is a nuclear bomb hidden on someplace that will blast after some specific time. The game is all about diffuse the bomb and save the world from the blast. Agent Action mod app comes with all features available to use for free. The agent has to apply his mind and link little clue to solve the mystery and reach to the main boss. Once the location of the place is revealed, it is easy to save the city from an explosion. The agent also has to use guns to kill all the characters, becoming an obstacle in the mission.

Use advanced gadgets

There is no restriction and limitation of using gadgets at any time in the game. Agent Action mod apk has unlocked all the devices and the players to use them looking at the situation. Collection of big to smaller guns is available to utilize in the war. The agent has to use it to rumble helicopters, vehicles, and all those things that are on the road and stopping him from reaching the nuclear bomb. Proper use of the gadgets will help to track the location of the explosive bomb.

Use explosive bullets

Unique types of snippers and guns are unlocked for applying on the mission. Four to five kinds of explosive bullets are available that blast an area same like a bomb. Poisoned weapons are available to put the enemies down for some time. It doesn’t kill them but made them lay down for some time for completing the mission. At difficult times, an agent can use snippers to defeat giant bodyguards and soldiers.

Download Agent Action MOD APK 1.5.2 (Unlocked /Money)

Agent Action mod apk has loaded new features to take the gameplay to another level. It’s a game for exploring a lot of fun and solving the case by linking each clue. Players who love detective games will find it more fascinating to play.

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