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Best 8 High Definition Graphic Games for Android 2020

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Looking for High Graphic game for android phone? Try our list of top eight best HD games available on play store. Our list comprises of action as well as adventure games that surely enhance your experience of virtual mobile gaming. These games are listed and awarded as the best all-time android game.

Best HD Games for Android in 2020

#1. Darkness Rises

The first game on our list is a revolutionary action game with advance and innovative gameplay. With single play RPG mode, make your way to a world of epic fantasy. Conquer the darkness and explore the levels of dungeons. Choose a legendary character to save the world from fearless monsters and demons. Put your skills to test with PvE battles and boss fights. Enjoy the fabulous visuals and epic gameplay that will truly drive you into the world of darkness rises.

#2. Need for Speed™ No Limits

If you are a racing expert then Need for Speed is one of the best racing game available for you. Drive the high speed customised ride to claim your crown of the underground. Race for the dominance and respect with the white-knuckle edition of NFS only available for mobile gaming. Customise your ride and stock your garage world’s topmost fast and expensive cars. Never back down from a race, upgrade your ride to the max and dominate the race with perfect nitro.

#3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Next racing game on our list is asphalt 8 airborne. It is one of the most downloaded High Graphic game for android available on the app store. Enjoy the hottest racing experience of dream cars running through the Nevada deserts to tight drift streets of Tokyo. With the new update of Asphalt 8, you can now race luxury dream cars with motorcycles. This game includes a top licensed car that you can drive beyond the limits. Customise your ride with style and best decal with over 2300 decals.

#4. Modern Combat 5

Engage in a fast-paced shooting game and complete the special ops story mission. Drive from Tokyo to Venice for various shooting challenges. This game supports high HID gaming controls with High Graphic game for android that will drive your gaming experience to the next level. Step onto the battlefield and join the squad to take control of the world. Launch your lunatic plan to save the world with high powered ammunition and armoury. Play solo or join a squad, to have several options to play. The game offers heavy graphic and great sound quality. With excellent voice performance, you can adapt to the storyline.

#5. DeerHunter

A simple sober game to occupy your free time. Hunt the wild deer to pursue trophies and awards. Shoot like a pro to hunt the animals that emerge to jump off your phone’s screen. Collect you arsenals and customise your riffles with scope to take down the predators before you become his prey. Hunt for price and compete for bragging rights. It is a free to play game with advance static features that help in mental concentration.

#6. Walking Dead: The Game

For the brave hearts, Walking dead is the best HD game for you. Scary and dangerous places are surely going to make refresh your soul. Enter the world of dead people and learn the tactics to survive the mad world. The game is set in a dark world with corpse returning to life and a convicted criminal Lee Everett is given a task to stop the world’s devastation from the undead. It is an enormous game which is based on stories of desperation and fighting for survival. The mindless slaughter with plot thread is fun to play.

#7. N.O.V.A. Legacy

NOVA Legacy is the best HD game based on 3D sci-fi action. It is an amazing game made on the first episode of the epic show N.O.V.A. The hero of the game is veteran actor KalWardin. He is summoned in a mobile armored suit. With his personal agent Al, the hero protects humanity from the alien invaders. He also solves the mystery of sudden assault. It is a multiplayer best HD game.

#8. Traffic Tour

If you are a racing expert and lover then Traffic tour is the best HD game for you. Highways and lanes are sure to give great racing experience to the players. The realistic graphics with real-time multiplayer option is the ace part of this game. With online missions and challenging the friends adds on to the fun of playing this real-life racing experience. And the most pleasant aspect of this game is no time and fuel limit. 5 gameplay modes and customization option for cars and wheel make this game more exciting and amusement to the players.

Final Words

If you love playing games then aforementioned is the list of best High Graphic Games for Android. These are fun and best HD games with real-life experience. So what are you waiting for? Just Download and enjoy the HD gaming experience into your android smartphones.

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