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Download Bubble Shooter Mod Apk v12.0.4 for Android

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Bubble Shooter Apk is a classic fun puzzle game for all ages. The player aims to shoot the bubbles coming from top to button and make colour matching. Different colours of bubbles including red, blue, purple, yellow, green come down to in slow motion towards the shooter. Once, it reached the bottom it gets over, and the player had to start again from the same level. The target of the player is to shoot the most point-shaped balls reaching the base. It helps to make the area clear for shooting. It has an option not only to hit in a horizontal direction but also allows to fire on the walls. The movement of the ball gets swung at right-angled towards the colourful ball. It gives an imaginary projection of the direction to make it easy for the shooter to hit the target.

Information about Bubble Shooter Mod Apk

APP Name Bubble Shooter
Size 25M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On September 2020
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Bubble Shooter Mod comes with precise gameplay. The shooter only has to target a ball coming down and fire the bullet in the projected direction to blast all the matching coloured balls. It helps to clear some space for the player to shoot. It gives full training to the shooter by opening different ball puzzles to solve by shooting. Users also can compete with friends and families to check who hits the maximum balls in less time.

Features of Bubble Shooter Mod

It has the following features available to explore in the game:-

Enjoy the classic mode

It is the simplest gaming mode available in the app to play. Users have to match a set of 3 balls of the same colour to blast and clear the space for shooting. After each shoot, the hops begin to move in the forward direction after generating more balls from the top. It also has simple brain teaser puzzles for applying some new ideas before shooting the balls.

Arcade game mode

This mode of the game is more advanced than classic. It comes with advanced fun puzzles instead of balls to create confusion for the shooter. Players can enjoy a new retro gaming experience without the need for any internet connection. Players can discover unlimited bubble popping after solving dots in the game. The ballon crushing makes a popup sound after each shot which makes the game more responsive for the engagement.

New rewards and levels

The game has more than 3000 levels to contemplate in the game. Every level gives some new prizes and rewards for blasting the bubbles before the given time limit. Players also can collect daily reward bonus for opening the app every day. They also can connect the game with social accounts like Facebook and share their game achievement in social media. They can challenge other players to try their skill to be the best bubble shooter of the game.

Loop play and chat options

The loop play mode of the Bubble Shooter app lets you reconnect any random player after the completion of the previous match. This option will keep you engage in playing matches one after another. It also allows chatting for receiving messages about difficulties happening in the game. The chat option also has default comment options like excellent, good, fantastic, etc. for sending feedback to the competitor for responsive gameplay.

Download Bubble Shooter v12.0.4 MOD APK For Android

Bubble Shooter Mod Apk comes with classic and advanced features to give an all-around experience of enjoying the bubble blast. It is a game of all ages and offers a lot more fun in the form of rewards and puzzles. The leaderboard feature creates a competitive environment in front of the players and drives their interest to play more matches.

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