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8 Offline Cooking Games For Android & iOS 2020

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Cooking a variety of dishes every time is not possible for everyone. Technology had made more things easy in our life by providing a virtual mode of entertainment. Anyone who wants to ride a car can play car racing games. In the same way, the people who love to cook food can spend their time playing cooking games. Playstore and Apple stores are full of a vast collection of online and offline cooking games. The user only needs an android or iOS phone to start virtual cooking. The games don’t provide any cooking recipe but allow a player to prepare food for the customers. The role of the player inside the game is a chef. He needs to cook the ordered dishes with the help of available food supplements available in the game.

The 08 Best Offline Cooking Games for 2020

#1. Cooking Fever

The game lets you cook delicious food and dishes from all around the world. The role of you in the game is a chef who has to prepare the demand dishes for the customer. It gives limited time for making each meal. So, the player should take care of time to meet the demand of his customers. Varieties of food include Chinese cuisines, desserts, Indian food, etc. Choose hundreds of ingredients to present on the table to make the dish tastier. The player has to select the required kitchen appliances to fast his work. The chef gets rewards directly from the customers for each sale of the quality dishes.

#2. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

The game allows it’s users to make delicious food. A player can cook chop, bake, stew, and do a lot more stuff. Cooking dishes are quite comfortable in this game. The chef has to touch all the ingredients to collect, and food can be cooked with few touches. The look the dishes look so real that nobody can stop to eat it. The game has more than 30 recipes. The chef can cook with the demand of the players. It is also a restaurant management game, where the customers visit to enjoy some delicious food. One more benefit is the player gets additional mini-games instead of cooking. Some of the games available inside are Help out, play shopkeeper, exercise your brain, etc.

Download Cooking Mama: Let’s cook

#3. Cooking Diary

The game has been awarded as the people’s choice award from mobile gaming awards 2019. It describes the cooking style of world culinary capital Tasty Hills!. The city has restaurants, food critics, chefs, etc. A player can feel all the problems coming to the life of a cook after playing the games. Chef has to make dozens of fabulous dishes with the demand of the customers. The game will make you very busy because the people queue doesn’t end in the game, after completing one order other 5 standing in lines. If the chef doesn’t serve food at the right time, they even get angry and go away.

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#4. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

The game is for those who love eating or cooking pizza. More than 100 varieties of pizza are available in the game for cooking. The chef needs to make money by selling pizza to its customer. The player in the competition aims to grow his restaurant. It can be possible by satisfying the demand of customers coming to the restaurant. The more people come in the place, the more you can make money. Growing the pizza business is easy for that player who doesn’t take much time for the preparation.

Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza

#5. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

In this game, the player has to play the role of Gordon Ramsay. He has to travel all around the globe to master his skills for cooking. Players can set the look of the chef as per their choice. It is a multiplayer game and allows us to challenge other players for testing who is best in cooking. The game can also be enjoyed in offline mode. The chef can cook delicious food and share them with the colleagues for giving feedback.

#6. Toca Kitchen 2

It is an ancient cooking game where the player had the role of the restaurant’s head chef. He needs to guide all his fellows to cook brilliant dishes. The aim give rewards for making new dishes from the given ingredients. The player is free to cook whatever they want. They can make new dishes with their receipts and serve the customer to get the feedback. It has six different kitchen tools that let a chef prepare the best meals. Squeeze tomatoes, finish up with a pinch of weirdness for taking some bites. The game has made some new dishes like chicken, prawn, pineapple, octopus, etc. for cooking.

#7. World Chef

World chef is the game of struggle and describes the success story of a struggling chef. The player first needs to build a restaurant and hire some cooks to start the business. The player needs to design and to decorate the dining table to attract more customers to their restaurant. It is the best game for those who want to get some ideas for hotel management. The chef also needs to spend his money to import food items from boats. It would help if you faced all the challenges that come in the average life of a chef. After trying the dishes, the customer’s reaction will decide if you are a good chef. The game aims to serve food to VIP people and make it a top-class restaurant in the city.

#8. Cooking in the Kitchen – Kids Cooking Girl Games

It is the game for girls, especially those girls that are new in the kitchen. They had to take out a recipe book from the kitchen and follow it for making delicious dishes. The player’s role in the game is a junior chef who takes complete control of the kitchen. More than 25 types of receipts are available on the recipe book. You can make fries and hamburger, cook your soup, decorate your birthday cake, create a poke bowl dishes, make chocolate bonbons, etc.

Download Cooking in the Kitchen

Final words

Cooking games are entertaining for those who love to cook delicious food. It benefits a player by getting an idea about the dishes served in other countries. The recipe book is precisely the same as the real one to give a brief knowledge of cooking. The game also seems to be more fun for the newcomers who want to know about preparing new dishes.

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