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8 Minecraft Modern House Ideas (2021)

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As technology is getting advanced, we are getting more and more advanced video games. Minecraft is one of the popular video games right now. The best thing about this game is it has a section where you can create houses by using some elements. That’s why we are sharing the best Minecraft modern house ideas in this article.

If you have been playing this game for a long time, you might know that there are different types of houses somebody can build. From a forest mansion to a lake house, gamers build some amazing houses by using their creativity.

Well, modern houses are the most popular types in this game. As a beginner, it would be best if you are building a modern house. However, creating a basic home can be boring. Hence, many people don’t like to create traditional homes. That’s why we are here with some cool house ideas for Minecraft.

In this article, we are sharing some unique ideas to make a perfect Minecraft modern home. No matter if you are a newbie or an expert, these ideas can be helpful. So, make sure you are reading this article carefully. Let’s get started.

Top Minecraft Modern House Ideas

Creating a Minecraft house is not a cup of tea, especially when you are a newbie player. You need a proper tutorial before building the home. The good thing is there are various tutorial videos available on the internet. Before you check them out, you need to get the best Minecraft modern house ideas. 

As we noted above, we have handpicked some amazing Minecraft house ideas that can make your gameplay more interesting. In the following list, we are sharing these top eight ideas for the modern home:

1. Grand Mansion

A grand mansion is the ideal building for all those players who want to make something attractive. However, you need to take the risk of making a huge home. Well, a grand mansion needs a lot of elements.

When it comes to collecting the elements, you need to work hard. Plus, making a grand mansion needs a lot of time. However, your effort will pay off. This huge mansion will showcase the beauty of modern buildings. The combination of white concrete and glass gives a classic touch.

2. Dark Grey Home

When we are talking about the best Minecraft modern house ideas, we shouldn’t miss out on the dark grey home. Hence, it’s very unique when you are creating the building. You see, white concrete is a common element when gamers are making a modern home.

In this case, a dark grey home can give a unique touch. When you are looking for white blocks, it would be difficult to get them. On the other hand, grey blocks are easy to find. So, you can switch the main color.

3. Modern Island Base

If you are looking for something premium, you can build a modern island base. Hence, this one is one of the top modern house design in Minecraft. Well, when you are playing this game, you need to choose a good location for creating this building.

A good location can change the look of your house. That’s why this modern island base will look very attractive. However, you need to find a lot of elements. Plus, making this Grand Island base is also time-consuming.

4. Home with Indoor Garden

Who wouldn’t like a home with an indoor garden? Well, you can also create this type of home in Minecraft. You see, this is one of the best Minecraft house ideas. When you are making a modern home, you need a lot of glass and white blocks. These things are quite expensive and hard to get.

In this case, a home with an indoor garden can help you out. You can easily wood to give the house a perfect touch. Plus, you can also include a small greenhouse in the middle of the building.

5. Modern Starter

A modern starter can be the ideal home for all beginners. Creating this building isn’t time-consuming. And you can build this home with a small number of elements. Most Minecraft modern house ideas that we are sharing in this article can be hard for beginners.

This modern starter house has a cute design that can get everyone’s attention. On the other hand, this home can be the perfect one for all those people who have a survival limit with small resources. You can also build this house for practice.

6. Underwater Base

Just like the modern island base, the underwater base is one of the most attractive designs. Well, the underwater base is not ideal for newbie gamers. Moreover, it needs a lot of time to complete this base.

This coral reef biome can be very attractive if you are adding your creative ideas. Two main elements that can make this underwater base perfect are black concrete and quartz blocks. When you are using these two elements for building this small base, it will suit the coral reef environment.

7. Wood and Concrete House

As we mentioned above, getting white concrete and white blocks can be expensive. That’s why a wood and concrete house can be one of the best Minecraft modern house ideas. No matter if you are building a mansion or a small home, this combination can give a fantastic outcome.

To build this home, you can use several items such as quartz, glass, wood, concrete, and other things. Hence, you can also put a minimalist design while creating this mansion.

8. Desert Home

A desert home looks magnificent. This desert home can be one of the best Minecraft house design for Minecraft. However, many players don’t take this challenge to make this house. Cause it doesn’t look aesthetically attractive. Well, that does not mean you can’t build a beautiful desert house.

Moreover, you can give this house a minimalist touch. You can choose elements as per your requirement. Although making this house can take a lot of time. Plus, a desert home is not good for survival.


You see, creating a modern home can be easier. We have shared the top Minecraft modern house ideas in this article. Make sure you are reading them to create something extraordinary. Moreover, you can also search for a good tutorial video. It can make your job easier.

Plus, you need to collect necessary items as per requirements. If you are a newbie, it would be best if you are choosing a simple home idea. For more information regarding Minecraft, you can start your research. Plus, you can get help from an instructor.

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