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Top 10 Best PPSSPP Games for Android (2022)

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Play station gives the most consistent gaming experience because of an accurate gaming setup. Ultra graphics and smooth controls have always been the specialty of PPSSPP games. But, nowadays android operating system has become so familiar that people sometimes miss the era of those games. But, users can still recirculate the experience of PlayStation games by installing PPPSSPP emulators on Android devices. This post will look upon the Best PPSSPP Games For Android to give you a fantastic gaming experience.

1. Ghostbusters

It is among the best PPSSPP games for android, which is full of adventure and mission. The movie series ghostbusters inspire the storyline of the game. The player has to capture ghost silently without disturbing other people in the surrounding. They need to save the team from ghost attacks and also revive them in danger. The story campaign of the game runs around 8 hours to complete the total levels.

2. Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team

All are well aware of Dragon ball Z TV shows. The game runs very smoothly for the android eight operating systems or above. Both story and solo fight battle are available to enjoy both dimensions of the game. Goku gets all his power moves like the Komekha power attack, spirit balls. It will give the feel of reestablishing the journey of Goku for the dragon balls.

3. UP – PSP Game

Heavy Iron Studios is the developer of the UP series. It can be the best option for adventure lovers who are searching for some long journey game. It comes with a similar storyline from the movie UP, where an older man and a little boy had to take their home to the top of paradise. They both have to go through a lot of struggles to save their home. UP doesn’t have many fighting scenes, but the adventure level while the journey towards the top of the paradise is very high.

4. G Force

G force is shortlisted among the Best PPSSPP Games downloads of all time. The game’s storyline is inspired by the movie where several pets help to rescue other pets from a city. Characters like Juarez and Blaster take the game to the next level. They are given full rights to use war gadgets from the FBI to rescue the hijacked pets. Both the characters have to complete the mission like a secret agent. They have to hide from the eyes of villains and protect themselves from getting killed.

5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

It is a game of the Grand Theft Auto series and doesn’t need any introduction. It is among the oldest and best action games of all time. The storyline of the game is to spread crime against the brother Lance. Victor has to go through many fights against gangs and drug lords to take over Vice City. The players can move around the open city and do all the possible stuff in a PC game. Victor gets full right to spend his money on bars, cars, clothes, bikes, etc. It is a power pack of fun and adventure for GTA lovers.

6. Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

The storyline of the Ben 10 foreign force series inspires the game. Ben10 has to kill the prisoner that invaded the earth with the help of a void projector. The main character responsible for bringing the prisoners to the world is Vilgax. The gamer has to play the role of ben10 to defeat villas from his alien’s parts. Meanwhile, the entry of Kevin and Gwen makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Ben has to change himself to the most suitable alien as per the demand of the situation.

7. Dante’s Inferno

It deserves to be the best PPSSPP game for android because of its impressive storyline. People who love to play revenge games with a power pack of action can download and enjoy the game on their android using an emulator. It is a game of prolific action that describes the reincarnation of the soul of Dante’s wife. The player has to deploy the role of Dante and kill the devils in hell. The superb storyline brings the brave hero to the danger zone for his love. The smooth fiction of swords while cutting the devils are among the most striking scenes.

8. Tekken 6

The game is the console version of the Tekken series, where the street fighters have to revolt for the bloodline. The fight continues till the opponent’s death, which brings more joy of confidence among the players. Full freedom is given to choose any of the characters like Jin, Alisha, and Bosconovitch to provide a real fight experience for the championship. The volatility strike and damage per hit help in adding points to the score.

9. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PSP)

It is the best game under the PPSSPP games list for exploring adventure in the Persian city. The loaded characters can use powerups for defeating the opponent. The storyline of the game is linked with the movie series Prince of Persia. It runs more than one storyline to keep the player engaged for a long time. Many exceptional super skills like solidifying the water, controlling the fires, can be unlocked by clearing the levels.

10. God of War – Ghost of Sparta

God of war is among the top game series that inspired more people to shift back to android emulator. The storyline of Ghost of Sparta describes the journey of Krotos to battle with God of death. Characters like mother Callisto, Deimos, chain of Olympus are enough to draw attention to the war. The game series is already famous for its excellent graphics and characters. Epic fights and missions of the story give a fantastic experience of enjoyment even on an android device.

Final words

New technologies always overlay the old creation with time. The same truth also applies to the era of gaming. No doubt, many games are out now with ultra graphic familiarity but, still, people love to play PPSSPP to refurbish the memories of old gaming. The above PPSSPP games list has unwrapped the chance to reenjoy the game again on android devices.

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