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The Best Xbox One Fishing Games in March 2022

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There has been a recent increase in the amount spent on playing video games. This could be partly due to the lockdown situation prevailing in many countries. Because of isolation and other outdoor restrictions, more and more people are spending time indoors. For many, playing video games is the one and only past time. However, if you are one of those people who are bored with playing the same type of games and are yearning to go outside, there is good news. Yes, Xbox One has come up with some innovative games in an outdoor environment. Yes, it is the Fishing games wherein you can get the feel of being with nature outside. Of course, nothing can compare to being outside and doing the real fishing. Still, Xbox promises to give the sense and experience of it, at least, virtually. There are many XBox One fishing games that grab our attention.

Best Fishing Games on Xbox One

Mentioned below are some of the best fishing games for Xbox One.

1. Rapala Fishing: Pro Series On Xbox One

This game released way back in 2017 still holds a lot of attraction. The boat driving and rocking up and down, looking up the fishing spots, casting out the bait, etc., offer an incredible thrill in this game. Some, though, are put off by the plastic-looking player model. But for those new to the fishing game, the Rapala Fishing Pro series offers the best to start with. It also provides the chance to participate in world-class tournaments and join weekly challenges. Of course, the attraction is winning the bonus cash and climbing up the ranks for becoming the best professional angler. Many iconic locations of North America are built into this game. About 24 species of fish are available with the best of lures and equipment.

2. The Fisherman: Fishing Planet:

There are two versions of this game: a free to play model and a paid version.  The Free to play model has a lot of ads, which may irritate the player.  The paid version, of course, does away with all these minor irritants.  There are many missions and an endless combination of tackle and bait to describe the game.  There are about 100 species of fish to catch with beautiful scenic views and different styles to master. So, it is one of the thrilling XBox One fishing game available today. A point to mention is that some players think that this game needs some improvement.  Especially after you catch the fish.  The graphics and animation are a little bit flat and dull, thereby reducing the thrill and not giving a sense of accomplishment.  Other than this issue, the game is fascinating and offers incredible multiplayer features.

3. Fishing Sim World:

As the name suggests, this game is one of the best XBox One fishing game available today.  It has different types of fish species to offer, varying waters to fish, seven unique locations, etc. Playing this game is engrossing. It acquaints you with the fishing nuances, such as how to land the fish once you caught it, winding the rod, moving it away, adjusting the drag on the fly, etc. The player also gets to use the boat and sonar for explorations.   There is also the option to join a global sport like carp and bass fishing. These are some of the things that you need to do in real life, and this XBox One fishing game makes sure you get well acquainted with it. Additionally, there is a lot of equipment provided from 50 licensed partners to choose from.

4. Dovetail Games Euro Fishing On Xbox One:

This game stands apart from the rest of the games in the sense that it has lakes resembling the real ones such as Linear Fisheries in the UK. The options to fish for Roach, Perch, Pike, and Carp are attractive as well. Best of all, after catching the fish, it offers a sense of achievement and thrill like no other. This XBox One fishing game is sure to leave you feeling happy and satisfied after playing the game.

5. Pro Fishing Simulator:

This game is not just suitable for beginners but also avid anglers. There are ten fishing techniques, such as lure and fly fishing. About 70 types of fish with realistic behaviors are presented. The locations are diverse, from Colorado to the Black Forest. Not only that, there are seasonal and weekly challenges too.

6. The Catch: Carp & Coarse

The name itself gives away what is involved in this particular Xbox one fishing game. It features about 35 species of fish, 125 legendary bass fish, and most importantly, lots of equipment from 20 licensed partners. The multiplayer options, beautiful graphics, and advanced AI make it a challenging and entertaining game to play.  In fact, this game is designed by fishermen and for fishermen. This is said so because the player needs to know how to use the equipment and when to use it for maximum results.

7. Sega Bass Fishing:

This game is found on the Xbox one even though it was primarily developed for the Xbox 360. This game indeed is a fishing classic (released in 1997), which is primarily revolving around bass fishing’s competitive sport. If you are planning to learn the bass fishing nuances, this game is for you. With about 14 different lures to choose from, this is one engaging fishing game. Regular tournament competitions are held for the biggest and best bass catcher.

8. Fishing: Barents Sea:

This XBox One fishing game gives the player a feel of the Norwegian seas. The option to helm your own fishing boat with newer and better options is a great attraction of this game. This fishing game makes you work your way up to learn new fishing technologies.  An attractive feature of this game is the soundtrack, which gives you a feel of the open seas. All this, coupled with beautiful landscapes and realistic fishing mechanics, makes this fishing game very attractive.

How to Play

Always keep your Xbox one system updated. This way, you will not face any obstacles while playing fishing games.

If you think you are losing interest after playing for some time, then it is better to connect the Xbox one to the internet. Then you can play it online and make it more challenging.

The Kinect feature can be used to control the fishing lines and rods. The camera will show how to use them to catch the fish.  This feature makes the fishing experience more enjoyable.

The trophies earned can also be traded for something new when made available in the game.


So, there is no need to feel sad that you cannot go outdoors. Just sit indoors and do some virtual fishing, minus the smell of fish, stained clothes, and other stinky smells.  Of course, all this adds to the allure of the actual fishing experience. But rather than sitting indoors and moaning about being unable to go outdoors, playing on the XBox One fishing game is a good alternative. So, whether you are in quarantine, or isolation, or stuck indoors due to inclement weather, experience virtual fishing using the XBox One fishing game. Hone your fishing skills during this time. Happy fishing!

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