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Survival on raft: Crafting in the Ocean Apk v1.153 (MOD, Unlimited Everything)

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Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean Mod Apk – is a new type of survival game where the player has to survive in the middle of oceans by making rafts. The whole gameplay is full of struggle, but the player has to stick to his work to build a beautiful raft on the sea. He also has to collect resources like hunt fishes for food and collect wooden pieces floating on waves to create a beautiful home. The player also has to go through various challenges like saving the house from the shark and other large sea creatures. It is a game of epic adventure where the player gets rewards for surviving until the end.

Information about Survival on Raft Mod Apk

APP Name Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean
Size 85M
Features Unlimited Everything
Powered By

Megaplay Studios Free Games

Last Update On July 2020
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Visual and Sound

Users can enjoy well-optimized 3D graphics and a lot of new things to explore. The game beautifully describes the real meaning of struggle. Every creature in the sea looks very real because of the 3D graphics. The scenes of the ocean are stunning to gaze, but it makes the survival worst. The player has to face a lot of oceanic obstacles like curvy sea wavers, large sea sharks, and wind flow to protect the Raft from getting broken. The player who is fond of playing survival games will like it play.

Features of Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean

Survival on Raft is a sea survival simulator game that shows the real struggle of surviving in a lonely ocean. The player can enjoy the following features in the game:-

Survival simulator on the sea

The gamer has to struggle in the middle of the ocean to survive. Searching for food to eat and Raft to build a home is the primary job that anyone can do in the place. The player has to tie him with a rope and swim to nearby regions to find rafts for building a wooden platform to survive in the ocean. The struggle pays off when you are successful in making a generous empire. The battle doesn’t end here; the player also has to save the home from sea creatures to stay longer in the game.

Show the talent of crafting

The player can quickly get rafts in nearby places. The game also focuses on making it more creative. It is necessary to arrange all the floats and create a beautiful house in the middle of the ocean. The player has to apply his mind to know how to tie the rafts with ropes so that it will not break down even in the heavy wind flow. Create and build the most beautiful raft house to get reward with more gold coins. The games become more comfortable if the player knows the trick to deal with the worst situation coming across the sea.

Extract resources from near areas

Resource collection is necessary to stay alive in the area. The player has to collect the hook to catch supplies like woods, boxes, debris, etc. to make a new house. It is the continued work which needs to be followed again and again to survive in the game. He has to make his cloth, cook food, and build a home with the help of the resources available in the oceans. All these things cross from your Raft by floating on the seawater. The player needs to be alert to catch it at the right time.

Improve building strategy

Make the best use of wood to build a stable raft. It will help to last longer and will not get broken very soon. First, create a strong base that can hold the weight of all the rafts then go for building pillars to make the home healthier. The temporary and fast building may break the shelter on heavy wind flow.

Final thoughts

Survival on Raft is a fantastic survival simulator to experience the struggle of living in the middle of the ocean. The new challenges after every interval of time make the player ready to face upcoming adventure in the sea.

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