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#DRIVE MOD APK 1.11.6 (Unlocked) Download for Android

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#DRIVE MOD APK is an endless car driving game which gives an option to travel to different places via cars. The game displayed the old fashion scenes of 1970 to provide the feeling of driving in past times. The game shows the way to never-ending tracks where the player needs to stimulate and motivate. The game ends once the car hits something on the way and faces an accident. The road seems to very empty, so there is no one to become an obstacle to slow down the speed. The player has to travel through the desert, old cities, and different realistic places to enjoy the drive up to the satisfaction level.

Information about #DRIVE MOD APK

Size 97M
Features Unlocked
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Last Update On November 2020
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Visual and Graphics

The game displays a clean 3D graphics to enhance the grace of locations like the olden times. The game has a collection of old cars to choose for driving. The player can select and drive it to get the feel of travelling in the 1970s. The sound of the vehicle is kept unique to give a real driving experience. The player also needs to run away from cops by driving faster. He should maintain the maximum speed to go out of their circle and escape from getting caught. It is an exquisite game to take a feel of lonely travel along old highways.

Features of #DRIVE Mod

The name itself clarifies about the element of the game. It has the following outlines available to explore:-

Take a feel of fresh air

The game is designed by following the circumstance of olden times. It, therefore, displays an open environment and empty places in most of the areas. In the midway, the player has to pass away from new cities and villages via the roadway. The street displayed on the game is quite smooth and clean to give a fantastic experience of driving cars with less friction. It is full of all olden stuff on the road, and the player can stop the car anywhere to take rest and take some fresh air.

More than 60 cars to drive

The game has an extensive collection of old and middle ages cars to choose from driving. The player can prefer only one car to drive in each gameplay. Changing the car in the middle of the game is not allowed. The driver has the full right to choose any of the vehicles and take a test drive to finalize it for driving in the real game. Some of the cars are free to choose, and others can be unlocked after reaching the threshold score. The player can experience the lonely and peaceful drive for enjoying the environment of the olden days.

Escape from the police

In the middle of the path, the driver has to deal with police cars. The police follow to catch the car for violating the speed limit. The cops will follow the vehicle and shout to stop to arrest the driver but, the player has to continue driving on the route without listening to the cops. They will follow the car up to some distance controlled under their circle. When they can’t catch the car, the cops will drive back to their original places where they have started.

Unlock new locations

The game is full of new locations to explore. It is an endless driving game with a lot of places to visit. The player has to keep driving on the way to see new and unusual locations of the old days. It is a game of no crowd, so everything seemed to be silent except for the sound of the car. The player can feel the loneliness of driving along the path and move to any spot of interest.

Final words

#DRIVE can be an excellent game for those who want to have some acquaintance of driving alone. There is no one to disturb to take over the car except the cops. The player can enjoy driving independently and get the feel of moving in peace.

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