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Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk 2020.2.77 Unlimited Gems

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Stick war is one of the highest-rated web games in the play store. The player in the game is given a bunch of soldiers who have to take control of the units by defeating other evil teams. These stick soldiers have all the equipment for fighting in the war. Each of the sticks looking like soldiers fight till their last breath to defeat their enemy. The body of the player disappears after death in the war. All these tiny soldiers had to defeat their opponents who are much larger from their size. The soldiers had to protect themselves and dig the fields for gold mining.

Information about Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk

APP Name Stick War: Legacy
Version 2020.2.77
Size 96M
Features Unlimited Gems
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
Get It On

Gameplay and Controls

A player must take control of his team from all the sides to win the game. The war is designed not only to attack every time; on some levels, all the stick soldiers have to hide and attack very cleverly to defeat the opponent. It provides different keys on display for moving the soldier backward or forward. The soldier is free to use any weapon like a sword, spear, archer, etc. to attack the opponent. To capture any town, the soldiers need to destroy the statute of the enemy’s palace. The main target of the opponent team is to stop the player from breaking the statue of their territory.

Features of Stick War: Legacy

The game seems to be very lovely for fighting lovers. Some extra features loaded in the game are the following:-

6 Bonus levels with rewards

The game has added new classes for showing different towns and places. These places have more quantity of gold under the soil. The stick soldiers had to make much effort to dig and bring out the gold from these levels. All six new stations are more challenging for the soldiers to win the game.

Unlock powerful weapons and armors for the war

The war equipment plays a great role in defeating the opponent. The player can decide which type of armor or weapon to choose for the fight. The player should have enough gold coins for unlocking more powerful weapons. All the extra money is useful for buying new skins and unique perks.

Types of skins and their benefit.

The probability of winning depends upon the type of skin a player is using while facing the opponents. The soldier can move fast and attack at full speed after wearing Leaf skins. Similarly, ice skin help in freezing the enemy, and lava skin can burn and damage the heart of other soldiers. The player had to make use of his mind according to the place of the war. For an action in the cold region, the team can win if they choose lava skin. It is because the soldiers living in a cold area are much resistant to cold, so heating the place will let them die without difficulty.

Zombie survival modes for more adventure

This mode makes a player feel like fighting in a Zombieland. The opponent players look and behave the same as the zombies and don’t get killed very easily. All the zombies fight till their last breath. The stick soldiers had to kill them thoroughly to get rid of the irritable zombies.

Tournament mode for winning Crown of inamorata

Crown of inamorata is the name of the award that is given to the winning team. It is a reward to the team that lasts till the end of the six levels of the war. A player need to clear all the levels to be eligible for the crown.

Download Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk

Stick War: Legacy is a game of war as well as fun. The behaviors of the opponent soldiers will make anyone laugh while playing the game. The game doesn’t have high 3D graphics, but the warm environment of the cute tiny soldier makes it fun of joy.

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