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Monster Fishing 2020 MOD APK 0.1.178 (Unlimited Money)

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Monster Fishing 2020 is the latest finishing game that allows you to catch giant fishes from oceans. The role of you is a fisherman who has to travel across different oceans and catch big fishes from the desired spot. The game provides you with a stiff fishing rod that helps in catching fishes. It also gives tools to search the area where you can find a maximum number of fishes. You get a big boat to travel above the waves. The game is full of adventurous underwater scenes for bringing more reality to the fisherman.

Information about Monster Fishing 2020 Mod Apk

APP Name Monster Fishing 2020
Version 0.1.178
Size 88M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
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The game shares high-quality 3D graphics for displaying underwater scenes. The real 3D pictures of the area give a fantastic experience of discovering nature. The best part of the game is to use the fish detecting tool, and it helps search for an area where you can catch the maximum number of fishes. There are different varieties of fishes available in different parts of the ocean. The game gives different rewards for catching different fishes. The highest award is given in exchange for monster fish. Also Play: Fishing Hook Mod Apk

Features of Monster Fishing 2020 Game

Monster Fishing 2020 is one of the best fishing game to enjoy natural beauty. It consists of the following types of features

Choose fishing gears

The player has to choose a fishing gear to start catching the fish. He has to put the equipment inside the water and wait for some time to find the fish. All the trick lies with the time, taking out the wishing rod before or after time may online bring an empty hook instead of bringing the fish. The fisherman can exchange gear and do experiments to find which fish gear is most compatible with catching more fishes.

No data connection required

The user doesn’t need any data connection to start the game; it can be availed in an offline mode. There is no issue of getting any advertisement while playing in an offline mode. You also can play it by turning on your data to get some additional coins for watching video advertisements. The levels go gets unlock after you complete catching the targeted fishes.

More than 250 fish species

There is an extensive collection of different varieties of fishes available in the ocean. The rewards are different for catching each fish. It is quite challenging to catch monster fishes that are available in the middle of the sea. They are even dangerous to pull you down inside water. The player has to use a healthy fish fear and apply the technique to bring them out of the water. There is a lot more to explore in the ocean. Every part of the sea contains limited varieties of fishes player has to travel to different parts of the world to keep collecting the types.

Upgrade fishing gears

The game consist of new types of fishing rods made up of different metals. This rod helps in easy catching of fishes from the water. The fisherman has to use the rod looking into the demand of catching fishes. In the secure mode, simple gear can also do good work. If the situation comes of catching giant fishes, then you need to use heavy metal gears to make your job successful. It also has a collection of premium fishing gears which help in faster catching of fishes.

Realistic activities while fishing

The game gave you some real experience like sweating of palm, you will feel lazy etc. The fisherman has to face the same type of struggle that happens in real life. Every activity is set to make it look true for bringing a realistic touch.

Download Monster Fishing 2020 MOD APK 0.1.178

Monster Fishing 2020 gives amazing features for enjoying the game. The level of the game put the fishermen to face more struggle. The people who want to experience some beautiful oceanic scenery should play the game to get some experience of the artificial beauty of nature.

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