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Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk 2021.3.5 (Unlimited Money)

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Do you know how it feels like to drive a train?. The Indian Train Simulator is all about fulfilling your dream to drive a train in a simulator train. The game packs up a whole experience of roaming all around India by train.

Information about Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk

APP Name Indian Train Simulator
Size 113M
Features Unlimited Money
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Last Update On July 2021
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The game is famous for its gameplay that revolves around the country India, it displays the true nature of the country and how the train is connected with everything from the country. The game is created and published by Highbrow Interactive, and it falls under the Simulation genre.

Realistic Gameplay

As any vehicle owner or driver, you are going to take the whole responsibility of driving a train that could be either filled with passengers or goods. The game gives you tasks/missions to complete while driving the train. Don’t worry, these tasks are connected throughout of the train journey, and it’s related to real-life train events. The controls of the train are quite simple to handle, but the tasks are quite hard to perform because of multitasking.

Once as a player, you complete a set of tasks, then the game would reward you with stated points, or if you have done that before the time then the bonus is also there for you. The dashboard will be there with all the simulated controls, and you have to perform the same tasks one after another to operate the train as a real train driver would do.

Moreover, the game gives the feel of throughout the day, and night as well. As time progresses, you would experience the change in the time cycle, as the atmosphere would change with the day and night. These things are constantly changing, so another important thing to a driver is adaptability.

Reward System

The more you play, the more rewards and points you will get. After that, you can unlock any train, router, or subway in the game. However, you can try our Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk that gives features to unlock everything. Read the full article to know about the mod features of the Indian Train Simulator game.

The control mechanism will also change with every train, so it’s quite hard to master all the trains at once. As added in the article, the train depicts real-life scenarios, as well as the controls of the train. Don’t get stressed about the controls, as the game would give you the tutorials prior to the game.

Passengers & Goods

If the player is driving a passenger train, then after the journey game would give feedback from the passengers, and it would impact their earn points and a bonus. The rewarding system is all based on how well you drive the train whether it’s a passenger train or goods train. For getting good feedback, you have to obey traffic laws, drive at an advised speed limit, and use all the signal systems to drive a lot safer in known or unknown places.

Various Train Options

Indian Train Simulator gives a lot of options to the players in terms of trains, and routes. Coming to trains, as you can choose from 50 different trains as per your favorite. If you don’t know which one to choose then the game’s tutorial would also help you with that. Although, as the game begins the player would only have 18 trains and subway to access, then they have to unlock with the coins and rewards.

Places Around India

Coming to the game’s graphics, the game is quite exceptional to play as it covers the beauty of India with its true, rich habitat and culture. Each area and station is marked with the area code that is in real life is associated with the train station. This many details in a game are really commendable. The game not only covers the hill area, but it also covers the modern and residential areas of India, which is quite a change from most of the game titles on the list.

Mod Feature Of Indian Train Simulator

The mod features of the Indian Train Simulator gave players what they really need: unlimited money. This way, players can unlock every item from the store starting from a train, to subway, or locked routes, all with the unlimited money feature. After installing the game, you would not see the difference in money but anyhow the game would allow you to buy anything from the store.


The game gives a wholesome experience to players all around the world. However, the game is quite similar to the railroad crossing apk, the euro train simulator game. If you ever played mentioned games, give this Indian Train Simulator Mod App a try to learn about India and its train system.

Moreover, If you are willing to try this game, we suggest you download Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk to access all features without any limitation. Start Exploring India.

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