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Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD APK 2.1.2 [Unlimited Money] in 2020

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Idle Arks Build at Sea is an oceanic survival game. The player has to build houses, arks, and platforms above the water to be alive. The game is full of adventure and struggle. You need to collect woods from floating on the water and use them in turning your place to a large area for survival. They had to do construction to hold the woods in one place. You also have to protect people who are sinking under the water. Reach to those people who need help and bring them to your home to keep them alive. They have to safe the place from octopus attacks.

Information about Idle Arks Build at Sea MOD APK

APP Name Idle Arks Build at Sea
Version 2.1.2
Size 94M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
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The game has an emotional storyline. The place is flooded with water, and everything in the city is sunk underwater. All the people are struggling to find a place to keep themselves safe. The player luckily found a piece of wood flowing in water that has held him to save his life. The wood will not last more as it has taken him to oceans. He needs to struggle to find some new woods for making the place a little wide for survival. The struggle continues until he builds an empire for the protection of people.

Features of Idle Arks Build at Sea

The game is better in describing the struggling life in the disaster. A user can enjoy the following features inside the game:-

Available in offline mode

The players can enjoy the game in offline mode. There is no requirement of any data connection. In return, if they want to give support to the developer, then you can watch the ads shown in the app by going to the online version. It is a single-player game, so the player had to face all the struggle for saving the people by himself. The player gets rewarded with new tools on completing the challenges on every level.

Advanced 3D controls

It gives options for controlling the sliding feature. The player can arrange things on the wooden platform to balance the base. Improper balancing may fall down the stuff inside the water and make it challenging to overcome the same situation. The player has to control to bring things kept on the platform very carefully to complete the task. He also gets options to catch people’s hands and swings back to the wooden platform.

Different background setting

It gives you the option to change the weather with your choice. There are different kinds of weather models like cloudy, snowy, thunder, etc. for enjoying the game differently. It is given to provide a new type of feel to the player. The game is also available for enjoying in day and night mode. The night mode will bring more peace to the place. It also became more dangerous when sea creatures attack the boat. The player has to face a real adventure by protecting the wooden empire from breaking down.

Build arks automatically

The process of building arks is no more complicated. The player can make them in one click by tapping on the screen. It automatically creates within seconds—no need to wait for long to compete in the process. There are hundreds of construction materials available in the game to apply on the wooden base. The player has to use his creativity to build a beautiful and protective place.

Download Idle Arks Build at Sea MOD APK

Idle Arks is a game for those who want to be more creative in building things. It gives some idea of how to survive in natural disasters. The player has to go through the adventure to survive by building an empire.

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