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Ice Age Village Mod Apk 3.6.0f (Unlimited Money)

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Ice Age Village Mod (Unlimited Money) is a game to enjoy building houses for cute animals. It’s all about discovering new stuff on the cold village. The player has to be part of this frozen journey to deal with new characters in the town. Use tools for digging, breaking, sliding on the ice to explore the unfamiliar land with new ideas. The primary role is the management of the zoo and don’t let the animals out of it. Characters like Sid, Diego, and Scrat are present in the ice village to bring more fun. More than 200 cute animals are available to enjoy and build new homes from ice.

Information about Ice Age Village Mod Apk

APP Name Ice Age Village
Size 45M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On April 2019
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Ice Age Village will give the feel of living in the place surrounded by ice with animals. The player can enjoy unlimited fun with the animals by doing different stuff. The game gives rewards for building homes, breaking big ice stones, catch open animals, etc. Ice Age Village people have a separate currency that runs in a particular area. The player has to complete the work to grab more Ice age currency. He can put animals to work to earn ice age coins. Users are also allowed to buy currency using real cash in the app purchase section.

Features of Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village mod apk comes with unlimited money and gold coins and doesn’t need any purchase. It has the following feature available to explore:-

Enjoy with the ice age family

The player has to accept a new family of animals and help them to survive better in the ice land. Characters like Scrat, Manny, and Diego will help to build houses to live. They will also help to manage the zoo and save other animals from thunder and ice attacks. Ice Age Village mod allows us to choose any of the animal characters for exploring the place. The game is also about finding stuff hidden beneath the ice stones.

Build home and explore new animals

Travel to new ice lands for making new homes with animals. Make arrangements to take rest and stay till the morning after the sunset. Different animals are stuck in various places due to frozen icefall and calamities. Help the innocent animal by taking them out of a dangerous situation. Build homes with ice bricks and keep the animals inside to make them feel safe. Arrange food for them by moving out of the house with Manny, Surat, etc. Discover more animals by moving to new zones of the village. Bring the animal to the zoo and give them a unique chance to live.

Play mini rescue games

Ice Age Village also has different mini-games inside to get a new feel. The game appears when there is a need for currency. It helps to provide the most needed resource as per the situation to solve the problem. Play games like Sid’s egg rescue and Kung Fu Scrat to get an additional bonus to tackle the job. The game is full of vast undiscovered places to explore. Take the help of animals to know about the secret of the location to find new dinosaurs in the village.

Village building competition

Every player can design the ice village with a different level of creativity. Check out the home of any player by typing their username. It will let you compare your build houses with others. Players also can visit their friend’s villages for checking their houses and creativity. Options of challenging another player for building ice homes are also available to know who has the better creativity.

Final words

Ice Age Village mod apk is a game of fun in an ice town. It let the user take care of animals and show their creativity in building ice homes. Separate communities are given to every player to show their talent for animal care and zoo management.

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