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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle MOD APK 4.12.0 Unlimited Money

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK is a game inspired by the TV show of Dragon ball. All the characters shown in the game are taken from the TV series to give a heroic experience. DB characters have to go through many battles to clear the levels. The game is full of face to face fights where Goku has to use his ball against the villain. The players can choose any of the characters to start the battle. Players can grab unlimited action by taking advantage of their superpower. The developer has loaded a lot of features to give the same feel of playing the real character.

Information about Dokkan Battle MOD APK

APP Name Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Size 86M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Last Update On November 2020
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The user can experience highly optimized 2D graphics in the Dragon Ball Z game. All the favourite characters are available to choose to start the battle. The player can experience the same way of fighting battles among the villains liked displayed on the intro video. Super refreshing features take action to the next level. The classic anime characters are enough to provide addictive gameplay. Players can use weapons to attack and kill the foes. The DB characters from old and new episodes come in a single event to make the battle more interesting.

Features of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

It is a game made for the fans of Dragon Ball Z watchers. It is full of the following types of features to enjoy:-

Favourite Dragon ball characters

The developer has loaded all the famous dragon ball characters to make the game look more real. Players can get back the same memories of their last episodes in the form of gameplay—all characters like Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Gohan, etc. are available to enjoy. The player can make a powerful team with the help of all these characters to go for a fight. The game will make you feel like refurbishing the past epic battle. The buttons to control the figures are available below the screen to enjoy the struggle.

New story in each level

The only difference between the episodes and gameplay is the storyline. The characters remain the same, but the player can find a new story at each level. It creates suspense and helps to raise the interest to know about the storyline of the next level. The player has to face more than two villains at a time and use his dragon ball power to defeat the villains. The characters can generate different weapons from the ball and use it in fighting with the epic war. The dragon ball characters can fly, jump, kick, and make different king fu moves to win the battle.

Enjoy the Quest mode

In this mode, the player can choose any of the characters to challenge the villains. It is not a part of the level but come in a separate category to enjoy individual fighting among different styles. This mode helps the player to know about the attacking skills of different characters and identify their weak points. It makes a player ready to face any villains after getting mastery in the quest mode. The gameplay is different than missions but helpful in knowing about the moves of other characters.

Finish opponents by making plans

The player has to make a plan for defeating the opponent characters. He has to decide which type of character to challenge the enemies. A keen interest in using the ball is to look at the situation to win the battle. The player can mix up all the positive characters with proper plan to make a strong team to challenge the villains.

Final words

Dragon Ball Z is a game to relive the memories of all Dokkan battle episodes. The player can enjoy the battle on different locations shown on the TV series in the form of gameplay.

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