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Download State of Survival Mod Apk v1.9.55 (Quick Kills)

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Hello, Everyone, If you are looking for State of Survival Mod Apk. then you are here at the right place. In this post we will share with you State of Survival Unlimited Money Mod for Free Download.

The state of survival is a zombie game where the player needs to kill the zombie to survive in the city. There are no military camps available to rescue people. The country is now full of zombies who are infecting and killing people one by one. The only rule that exists in the situation is the rule of survival. The game gives you a team that helps to survive in the city by keeping yourself safe from the zombie. The zombies are searching for some new host to spread their infection. The player needs to protect himself by killing them with guns. The game is all about the lesson of surviving in the epidemic Zombieland.

Information about State of Survival MOD APK

APP Name State of Survival
Version 1.9.55
Size 150M
Features Unlimited Money, Quick Skill
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
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The story of the game is the same as an action zombie movie. It had been six months in the country the people are struggling to survive. The military base is no more to help the unaffected people. The connection and signals to contact people are lost. Most of the parts of the country are infected, and people are turning into zombies. All the zombies are in search for a new host to kill and eat them. The only motto of the State of Survival is to exist in the city. The more time a player lives in the game, the more he can grab score and rewards. It also has research centres for making the treatment for recovering the zombies to humans.

Visual and graphics

The game shares a beautiful 3D graphics to bring more reality to the gameplay. The cities are designed like a real one with a lot of roads, buildings, vehicles, and undiscovered locations. The game has loaded the map to move across any corner of the city. The places are full of new scenes and locations to make it look like a real city. All the arrangements are made to give the feeling of an action game. The players are allowed to drive cars, bikes, and other vehicles available on the road to run away from zombies. The sound effect of zombies is kept more vigorous to increase fear inside you. Players have to shoot them with guns to kill them. They also have to find the best shelter to survive.

Features of State of Survival

The State of Survival will let you experience the real value of struggle to survive. Some of the features available to explore are the following:-

Rebuild the city

The survivors have to find new places in the city and rebuild them for their safety. They need to create a secure shelter where the zombie can’t attack them. They can choose a home and lock it from all the openings for full protection. They need to close the doors and windows using heavy things so that the zombie can’t come inside with their smell. The whole situation will give a real adventure of surviving in a zombie city.

Rescue innocent people

The military base is no more available to help people. In this situation, the only hope is the survivors that can help in rescuing them from the place. Travel by carrying big guns on your arms which can help to shoot the zombies on critical situations. Listen to the people’s voices asking for help and travel in groups to be alert from all directions. The whole scene is full of thrilling moments. It would help if you were alert from the zombie groups and travel with much safety.

Research to kill the zombies

The zombies in the cities are mutating rapidly for survival. The players have to collect samples from their blood and sent them to research centres for testing. The lab scientist will experiment with their blood and try to find out the solution of killing them. The players need to follow the instructions from the researchers to find their weaknesses. They need to try different techniques for killing different varieties of zombies.

Upgrade your guns

Guns are the only weapons that can help you to survive in the place. But, every bullet doesn’t work on killing all types of zombies. It is complicated to kill mutated zombies. Animals like dogs also are infected. The survivors need to use advanced machine guns to kill all varieties of zombies. The upgraded guns are available in the game store that can be unlocked after collecting gold coins from the game. The player also gets options for exchanging weapons with real cash.

Break the Rulebook

The old rule book of saving humanity doesn’t exist. Even nobody is left to follow the rules of nations. The player is free to break every provision of the game for surviving in the city. The only statement that exists is to kill the zombies. But, a little group can’t kill thousands of zombies in the city. The player only has to keep their confidence till death comes on their way.

Download State of Survival MOD APK v1.9.55 (Quick Kills)

The State of Survival describes the struggle for surviving in a Zombieland. The fantastic storyline and music will keep the player’s attention till the death. The player needs to be alert every time to save his life from zombies.

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