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Download GTA Vice City APK + Mod (Unlimited Money) Andorid

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A realistic game loved by everyone. A masterpiece created by Rockstar Games. From the beginning, the Grand Theft Auto series is appreciated by every gamer. GTA vice city apk is not an exception as we all know that, it was a massive success for Rockstar Games. The first version was designed for Playstation’s users in October 2002. In 2002, GTA vice city had a very real-looking graphics with a perfect storyline. After gaining recognition by the PlayStation users. They made this game for Xbox and PC users in 2003. They added more features and side-missions in this late version. Everyone was going crazy for this game to play in their devices. If you ever played this game before, You will not regret playing again and again. Grand theft auto vice city mod apk is so addictive and engaging. Below are some points that make this game distinct from other games.

Information about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Apk

APP Name GTA Vice City APK
Version v1.09
Size 66 MB
Features Unlimited Health/God Mode
Powered By
Last Update On November 2019
Get It On

Intriguing Storyline:

A story of a gangster named Tommy Vercetti, A criminal who just got out of prison and had to make a drug deal with another gang leader Vance Brothers. During the Drug deal, the tables turn on our protagonist, and all the people got ambushed by the third party who didn’t want to happen this drug deal. Somehow Tommy escaped the shootout. Now, He doesn’t have his men, and still, he had to find the traitor before the traitor finds him and kills him. A journey to becoming a Gangster to a Gang-Lord.

Encounter a criminal life:

You have a chance to become the one that scares everyone in a city.

Grand theft auto vice city apk is a combination of many categories like Action, Role-playing, Shooting, and Adventure. That’s why this game is so likable and peculiar. You can drive any vehicle you want just go near the vehicle and tap on a button, then Tommy would kick the driver out of their vehicle and sit inside it. Now, you own that vehicle. GTA vice city apk wants you to decide what to do. You have all the powers, so you have to choose what to do. Like you can slowly drive your car and obey the traffic rules, or you can just drive spontaneously like there is the end of this world.

GTA vice city apk has also police in the mobile version. Police always want to arrest you, but if you do not do anything wrong, they will not harm you. Police mechanism works on Police stars. The more the stars, The fewer chances you can get out of trouble. If you came across any policeman and hit him, you would happen to get a one star that is tolerable, and you can get out of it. But from two stars, the police come with all the forces to arrest you as quickly as possible.

Brutal Weaponry and Classic Vehicles:

Diversity is the main thing I love about GTA vice city. This game packs all the features and items that can make this game more interesting. The story of this game based in the 1980s in a city like Miami. So, rockstar games decided to choose that era’s vehicle, weapons, and radio stations. How someone can think this through?.

You can buy weapons anytime from Gun shop located in Map. All you need is money to purchase the items. You can also buy safe-houses that is for to save your game’s progress. There are so many safe-houses in this game, so houses also come with garages that can benefit you. You can park your vehicles in that garage.

Lifelike Gameplay:

Small things that make Grand theft auto vice city mod apk more loveable:

  • When you get wasted in this game, You will find yourself outside of the hospital with some money gone and out of weapons.
  • When you get arrested by police, You will find yourself outside of police headquarters with some money gone and out of weapons.
  • You can change the color of your vehicle in garages.
  • You can kill anyone and get money from them.
  • You can go to any shop and scare people, and they’ll give you money automatically.
  • If your player’s health is low, you can eat at restaurants, and your health will increase.
  • You can change your attire from the mall and some places like the golf club, etc.

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