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Download Mafia City Mod Apk 1.5.135 (Unlimited Gold/Cash)

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Mafia City is a game of making turf and rejoicing the life of a gangster. The player makes a strong gang of bikers, shooters, bulkers, etc. to live a luxurious life. The aim is to become the godfather of the team and earn money like a real gang. The lead mafia has to make plans for stealing banks, alliances, and fight together to be more prosperous. The game will give an experience of enjoying the virtual lifestyle of a gangster. The player also can take new cute babes and build relationships for having fun.

Information about Mafia City Mod Apk

APP Name Mafia City
Size 60M
Features Unlimited Gold/Cash
Powered By
Last Update On July 2020
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The game displays remarkable graphics to make the mood of the player. The player has to lead the mafia gang to experience the life of a gangster. He can explore all around the city and make a proper plan to steal from banks. The gameplay will make you feel like residing in a real town with a lot of characters. The game also has a fantastic luxury car to drive. The 3D graphics enhance the glamour of the game. The game also displays a lot of cute female characters to whom the player can take on a date. The sound of the characters and the city gives a real touch to the gameplay.

Features of Mafia City

The game is all about enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of mafia life. It has the following features available to enjoy in the game:-

Become the godfather

The player has to be smart in the team so that everyone makes him the leader. He has to use his position in the right way and make master plans for robbing banks and big jewellery shops. The gang leader also has to focus on escaping from the police so that they can’t catch him at any part of the city. The gang come with more swag with machine guns on their hand and loot the bank like a real supervisor. It gives a full opportunity for living a premium lifestyle.

Date cute babes

The game has a lot of female characters who are a big fan of the boss. The girls cheer for him every day and want to go with the boss on a date. The player has to make his dream come true by picking any of the girls from the crowd. He is allowed to take her on parties. The boss also decides to start a family. It all depends upon the boss with which girl to fall in love and start a family. The whole game run in the direction of the boss.

Build a strong gang

The chances of getting caught by the police reduce if the player makes a strong gang. There are four types of people the player needs to choose to build a strong group. The role of the bulker in the game is to make weapons for killing human characters. Professional shooters help in removing all the obstacles coming on the way to take down the gang. Modified vehicles play a significant role to escape from the crime scene like a boss.

New places to explore

The city is full of many undiscovered places to rob. The game provides a map to explore new locations and areas in the city. The boss has to investigate about the loot and make a plan to rob the place like a pro. Everything goes on with an idea, and nobody can stop it from happening.

Mafia City Mod Apk 1.5.135 (Unlimited Gold/Cash)

Mafia City can be the game of choice for those who want to experience the lifestyle of a gangster. The game has very addictive gameplay to attract an audience to stick to it for a longer time.

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