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Bomber Friends Mod Apk v4.04 (Unlimited Health/Gold)

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Bomber Friends Mod (Unlimited Health/Gold) Do you remember the game called Bomber Man? If you had played games in your childhood, then you should have played this game for sure on your console connected to your TV. Today, I found a very similar game to Bomber Man, and it is known as Bomber Friends Game. This game has a very identical storyline and game mechanics to Bomber Man, but the benefit of playing this game is that you can compete with your friends as well as players around the world. Sounds fun, right?. Hyperkani is the creator and publishing company of Bomber Friends for android. It’s an online multiplayer game as I have told you before, You can play game up to 8 players. The game already has more than fifty thousand million downloads only in the Play store. Before installing the game, Read below points to know more about the game:

Information about Bomber Friends Mod Apk

APP Name Bomber Friends
Latest Version 4.04
Size 52M
Features Unlimited Health/Gold
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
Get It On

Bomber Man But With Touchscreen:

Bomber Friends mod apk has excited gameplay with an identical storyline and gameplay like Bomber Man, but it is played through your fingertips. The controls of the game are polished so that users don’t have to go through the hard tutorials to play the game.

Plant Bombs Precisely:

Just make sure you plant the bombs on point; otherwise, the chances are higher that your player gets hurt with your explosive. Kill your opponents swiftly with the right strategy in the maze map. It’s an excellent stress buster after a long day at school or college, as all your friends gather and play this game with each other. Hence, the player limitation is up to 8 players, so no friends of yours will be left behind.

Opportunity For Everyone:

If any of the players die in the early stage of the game, they also can be a part of the game and place hurdles and obstacles for other players making their gameplay difficult. With the excitement of playing together, Bomber Friends has attracted a broad audience who wants to feel the nostalgia of playing together in this era when people don’t have the time to talk to each other. Bomber Friends give them the platform to interact and fun-loving gameplay.

Various Types Of Bombs:

There are multiple types of bombs and other items in the store that can get unlocked by gold. To increase the level of gold, you have to win many matches. If you don’t want to do that and take a shortcut than download Bomber Friends Apk, it comes with the feature of Unlimited Health and Unlimited Gold.

Download Bomber Friends Mod Apk v4.04 for Android:

Bomber Friends Mod Apk is not available for any other mobile os. Android is the only mobile that supports Bomber Friends hack apk. As the name suggests, it does contain Unlimited Health as well as Gold to spend on unique items in the store. So your player doesn’t run out of individual items. Bomber Friends Mod latest version also contains valuable items, which would make the game more enjoyable for Users.

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