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Contra Returns Guide Tips & Tricks for Beginners

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Gamers always search for tips & tricks to improve the overall gameplay of the gamers. Contra: returns game is not far behind that category, firstly the game gives a nostalgic feeling to console gamers, as the game is the newer version of our good old Contra. The game developers have co-developed the game with Tencent in a partnership. The game dynamics are different, as well as the gameplay and storyline. There also has been a new model in the game where players can test their endurance and skillset with one-life mode. The game is kind of mixture of an Old storyline with modern dynamics. It is available to play on smartphone devices.

Contra Returns Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The article is going to give you tips & tricks to enhance and improve the gaming experience of game fanatics. Below are some researched points that can give you an extra edge compared to other Contra Returns players all around the world.

Game On Story Mode

The most common mode that every beginner would play is the story mode. The mode introduces the gameplay and stories of all interconnected players that will bring back memories of contra for yourself and your gamer friends. The unlocking of new heroes would allow gamers to begin leveling up so that they can get more hands-on features. The only source of getting the experience level to the top is by playing the story mode.

Complete Missions To Get XP

Going on raids on the already won levels will give you more experience and diamonds. Moreover, you would already be familiar with the level’s difficulty as you have completed it beforehand. Once players have some amount of EXP then they can use that to unlock locked chests which will give them more resources to enjoy the gameplay altogether. Rewards and resources are always going to be there and they will help you whenever you would feel helpless. There are gaming tabs like missions, daily training, weekly training, and legion training. Players can play any of them one at a time.

Increase Weapon’s Firepower

Contra Heroes do contain two weapons at a time, one is primary and the other is secondary. Swapping weapons is very crucial when players are out fighting aliens and zombies to save the planet. The up-gradation of these items is thoroughly important to survive. Higher firepower of weapons always gives you the upper hand to survive in front of deadly enemies and their bosses. Moreover, doing the 3 stars missions and winning them every time is very important to have more firepower in your arsenal that will be going to help in the long run of gameplay.

Enhance Star Rating Of Weapons

Not only do players have to keep up with the star missions of levels but they also have to take care of the weapons. The more players used guns and kill enemies with precision then the star rating of the game increased with the firepower as well. So, it would be a win-win situation for gamers as well as game development companies. The barrage capacity and weapon modification are also going to be leveled up with the right amount of star rating.

Try Out Every Hero

If the players are getting used to the game on the storyline of the Contra: Returns then they are up for the treat. As the progress of the storyline, players would be able to unlock new heroes at the end of the chapter. However, the weapons can be shared between heroes and particular levels of their eras. The levels of your heroes are going to increase while you slay your enemies with weapons which means you won’t have to deal with the under-level heroes. Moreover, you can also buy heroes from the game store with the resources or more like game money. With the money, you can easily unlock level S-class and V-class heroes.

Take Cover While Fighting

This is the mistake that novice gamers make while playing the game, that’s why it is so crucial to add in the Contra: Returns Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginners guide. Although, finishing every level with most of the health would give an extra star in the mission ratings. So, it would be a full cycle as the invincibility would increase with the rating and firepower as well. So, players can find a place that will help them to shoot the aliens and zombies from a distance place without hurting themselves.

Use Special Skills Of Heroes

Just like every real person, each contra hero has their skillset. Gamers can upgrade those things after achieving some levels in the game. These skills can be very useful to attack enemies and slay them as quickly as possible. Players can get the use of gold to make the skill even deadlier and more extreme than before.

That ends this article of Contra: Returns Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginners, we hope that you can improve the gameplay with these above-mentioned tips and tricks. However, as long as you are enjoying the gameplay these things are secondary. You can comment on your queries in the comment section below and we would help to solve those as soon as possible. It’s your time to shine in the Contra Returns now.

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