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8 Best Eevee Evolution in Pokémon Go in 2022

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Pokémon is a popular show that people loved watching on TV. Today, Pokemon cover a wider range includes games, toys, movies, animated TV series, etc. Each Pokemon fan wants to have a Pokemon of their own and give them the necessary training. The best platform to do so is Pokemon Go. All the users are showering their love for the show. It is the dream of every player to catch all the various Pokemon that are available throughout the world. Eevee is one of the coolest Pokemon that every trainer wants to have. Pokemon fans are very crazy for Eevee. The right method will help you to evolve Eevee to make it your favorite Pokemon.

Which Eevee evolution is strongest in Pokémon Go?

In this article, we will look into some of the best Eevee Evolution in Pokemon go in 2022.

1. Leafon

As the name itself suggests, it is a Grass-type Pokemon. Suppose you are good in Grass-type Pokemon you can upgrade the Eevee to Leafon. It has amazing skills to fight for achieving a Max CP of 2944 being one among the best Eevee evolution. When we compare it with other evolutions, it may not be the most powerful among all of them. But, it may not cause any regrets either. The Gen 4 bosses are hard to conquer, so it would be a great decision for evolving Eevee into a Gen 4 Pokemon. The basic trick that you can use is to get Leafon and nickname it as Linnea and do not misspell it. This trick can only be used to change only one Eevee. For saving the name trick with other Pokemon, the user can use Mossy Lure in-games as it is famous and attracts Grass-type Pokemon to evolve Eevee into Leafon.

  • Pokemon – Leafon
  • Type – Grass
  • Max CP – 2944
  • Attack – 216
  • Defense – 219
  • Stamina – 163

2. Vaporeon

Vaporeon is a water-type Pokemon and it does not include in the legendary Pokemon category. It is an amazing Pokemon that can be used during fights. It is useful for fighting scenarios. It is also Gen 1 Pokemon and when it comes to defense, this is somewhat weaker than some other Eevee evolutions. When it is paid with Blastoise, it makes a deadly combination. If any tricks are not applied, then there are only 33% chances of getting Vaporeaon. The name trick that can be used for Vaporeon is by setting its nickname to Rainer.

  • Pokemon – Vaporeon
  • Type – Water
  • Max CP – 3114
  • Attack – 205
  • Defense – 161
  • Stamina – 277

3. Flareon

In comparison with the other Gen1 Pokemon, the Flareon has tremendous power and also the skills for defeating them. Flareon is a good choice if you should confront Entei or Moltres. When no tricks or force have been applied to the evolution process, you can expect everything to go randomly. As Flareon is a Gen 1 Pokemon, 33% chances are there to get Flareon in Eevee evolution. If the name trick is applied here, it can be used only once per Pokemon – type. So, it’s up to you to decide whether to save the trick or to use it. If the name trick is used here, set the nickname as Pyro and select Eevee as your buddy. By using the name trick, Flareon Eevee’s evolution is guaranteed.

  • Pokemon- Flareon
  • Type – Fire
  • Max CP – 3029
  • Attack – 246
  • Defense – 179
  • Stamina – 163

4. Jolteon

Jolteon comes under the Electric-type Pokemon sector. These electric–type Pokemon have had the potential to withstand more battles. It is more powerful in terms of abilities and strength. But, it is not extensively powerful in the Gen1 league. Its attacking power is similar to Flareon. It can easily fight against each kind of Pokemon. But Raikou or Zapdos has a higher rarity. Jolteon can be your good companion for most of your battles. By having the Max CP of about 2888, the Gen 1 Pokemon can easily beat others.  The trick for evolving Eevee into Jolteon is to use Eevee as your buddy and try to explore and maintain healthy relationships. You can also get it randomly as it is a Gen 1 Pokemon.

  • Pokemon – Jolteon
  • Type – Electric
  • Max CP – 2888
  • Attack – 232
  • Defense – 182
  • Stamina – 163

5. Espeon

This is another powerful Psychic-type Pokemon that evolved as Gen 2 Evolution of Eevee. It is useful in battles against many Pokemon types. The Espeon contains a Max CP of 3170 with incredible attacking skills in the battle but lacks in defense. Espeon is Gen2 Eevee evolutions that can be utilized in battle.The nickname plays a vital role in each Eevee evolution. To get Espeon as your Pokemon, you must select it as your buddy and make its nickname Sakura. As you complete 10 km of exploring the world using Eevee, it is ready to evolve as you press the evolve button, only during the daytime of the game.

  • Pokemon – Espeon
  • Type – Psychic
  • Max – 3170
  • Attack – 261
  • Defense – 175
  • Stamina – 163

6. Umbreon

If you prefer adding new Eevee evolution using Pokedex Dark-type entry, then Umbreon is a good choice. It is more powerful as it consists of advanced features and it comes under the Gen 2 category of Pokemon. Even though Umbreon is very high when it comes to performance, it will become a good attacker if proper training is given. Umbreon has the potential to shine and resist all the attacks coming from Psychic, or the Ghost-type Pokemon. To evolve Eevee as Umbreon, one has to follow certain steps. To use the trick, you must update the nickname of your Eevee as Tamao, then choose Eevee as your friend to explore the world. This trick world during the night and after you have completed 10 km with Tamao as your buddy, Eevee is ready for exploring.

  • Pokemon- Umbreon
  • Type – Dark
  • Max CP – 2137
  • Attack – 126
  • Defense – 240
  • Stamina -216

7. Sylveon

The Sylveon is a fairy-type Pokemon, that has been in existence ever since the sixth-generation game. It is powerful with many attacks, but it is the most peaceful Pokemon. It can influence others to end the fight by waving the ribbon-shaped antennae in the air. It is one of the best characters in Pokemon. It can equalize both defensive and offensive tactics. You need to earn 75 hearts along with Eevee as your buddy as you evolve. The Eevee evolution nickname that can be used for Sylveon is Kira.

  • Pokemon – Sylveon
  • Type – Fairy
  • Max CP – 3,069
  • Attack – 203
  • Defense – 205
  • Stamina – 216

8. Glaceon

Glaceon is a Gen 4 Pokemon that can be added to your armory. This ice kind of Pokemon is very powerful and the stats of Glaceon shows how powerful it is to add to your collections. It is hard to defeat until it is faced with Steel-type, Rock-type, Fire-type Pokemon. By naming your Eevee as Rea, collecting the number of candles and wandering about 10 km with Rea as you explore the world. You can also position the Glacial Lure at the Pokestop as it attracts ice-type Pokemon.

  • Pokemon- Glaceon
  • Type – ICE
  • Max CP- 3126
  • Attack- 238
  • Defense- 205
  • Stamina- 163


We have seen different kinds of Eevee evolutions, the Gen 4 Pokemon like Leafeon, Glaceon is amazing to try. The Gen 2 can also be used where the Espeon, Psychic-type Pokemon is more powerful. Hope this article has helped you to choose one among the Best Eevee Evolution in Pokémon go in 2022.

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