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12 Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas

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Making Minecraft houses is exciting yet challenging. You see, Minecraft houses are getting popular nowadays. Moreover, people are preferring survival houses. Well, if you are running out of ideas, we are here to help you out. We have handpicked the best Minecraft survival house ideas that you can implement.

In most cases, people prefer making a simple medieval or modern style survival house. However, if you want something unique, you need to read this article. You see, if you are making a unique style house, you have to follow some instructions. That’s why we are also guiding how to make the best survival houses in Minecraft as well.

In this article, we are sharing the top 12 Minecraft house ideas. Make sure you are reading them carefully to get the best result. So, let’s find out.

The Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas in 2021

To make the best survival house, you need to follow the proper guideline. As we noted above, you can make a unique survival house in Minecraft. That’s why we are sharing top survival houses in the following:

1. Modern Home

Source: Pinterest

If you are a beginner, a modern house can be the perfect choice for you. Hence, most newbie gamers are preferring this type of house. A modern house in Minecraft includes several things such as staircases, lots of glass, multiple floors, and pools.

On the other hand, modern homes have white color. So, when you are building this home, you need multiple elements such as concrete, quartz, and wool. Plus, building this house doesn’t take a lot of time.

2. Modern Villa

Source: PCGamesn

Besides a modern home, a modern villa is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas. Although you need a lot of time and elements to build this villa. Overall, it can give you an amazing outcome. If you want something luxurious, this modern villa is the ideal one.

The best thing about this modern villa is its astounding design. The house looks more stunning because of the lake. Moreover, the huge glass windows ensure the beauty of this building.

3. House with Balcony

Source: EnderChest

Just like a modern villa, the house with a balcony is another stunning Minecraft creation. If you are getting the proper tutorial, you can build this magical house. This building is ideal for all beginners. Hence, you don’t need a lot of work to build this building.

You can make a staircase to create a balcony. This house’s balcony has a beautiful design with some crops growing under it. Plus, the glass windows give enough natural light to make the home more beautiful.

4. Medieval Minecraft House

Source: Architecturesstyle

As we noted before, medieval design is one of the best Minecraft house ideas. If you are a newbie, this one could be the ideal building design. The best thing is there are many tutorials available for making a simple medieval Minecraft home.

Another good thing is, you can get the materials easily. This medieval Minecraft house needs some essential elements such as wooden logs, cobblestone, and trapdoors. Plus, you can improve the style by adding stone bricks.

5. Hot Air Balloon House

Source: Funlava.com

If you don’t want to build any of these buildings, we have a unique idea. A hot air balloon house can be one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas. It does not only look beautiful but you don’t need to put a lot of effort into building this home.

That’s why it can be an ideal alternative to a modern or medieval home. However, you need to watch the tutorial carefully before making this hot air balloon building.

6. Archery Range

Source: Reddit

Now, if you want to make a house more amazing, you should add an archery range. This is one of the best survival houses in Minecraft. Hence, this home can be ideal for those people who want an archery range.

Even though this idea sounds stunning, it’s not a beginner-friendly creation. Thus, you need a lot of effort to complete this house. Make sure you are watching multiple tutorial videos to create an archery range home.

7. Mountain House

Source: Twitter

A mountain house looks attractive, especially when you are putting in a lot of effort. Just like a hot air balloon house, mountain home is another unique idea. There are several photos available on the internet and they look stunning.

To make a perfect mountain home, you need to learn first. The good thing is there are various tutorial videos available. However, we don’t suggest newbie gamers make this unique house, it could be very complicated.

8. Multiplayer Base

Source: Pinterest 

Well, if you are a beginner, you should choose something simple. In this case, a multiplayer base could be one of the best Minecraft survival house design. Hence, it could be an ideal alternative to a modern home.

As a beginner, you don’t need a lot of elements. A multiplayer base home includes a basement, the main floor, and a second floor. However, you can also include multiple materials to make this home more advanced.

9. Wooden Forest Mansion

Source: Pinterest 

When you have become a pro-level gamer, you should make something stunning. In this case, a wooden forest mansion can be one of the best Minecraft survival house design ideas. You need to model this house by using the naturally generated mansion. So, it can make the game easier.

On the other hand, making a wooden forest mansion is very easy as wood is a common element in this game. However, you need to build a tree farm to get all these woods.

10. Asian Pagoda House

Source: Reddit

An Asian pagoda house is one of the most unique designs in this Minecraft game. However, it’s not easy to build a pagoda house as a newbie. Hence, it can be even challenging for experts. To get the best result, you can install the Asian decorations mod.

You see, a pagoda has multiple floors. So, you have to start building from the easier one. Also, make sure you are adding a bit more colors to make it more attractive.

11. Map Room

Source: Reddit

A map room is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas. Moreover, it’s one of the best ideas for beginners. If you don’t want to create popular buildings as a newbie, you should create a map room.

You can easily get various tutorial videos to create a map room. Make sure you are checking them before creating. Moreover, you can also customize the map room as per your requirement.

12. Modern Hobbit Hole

Source: Pinterest 

Last but not least, a modern hobbit hole is one of the unique ideas in this list. Hence, this one is one of the best Minecraft house ideas. No matter if you are an expert or a newbie, making this hobbit hole can be exciting.

However, this can be ideal for newbie gamers. To make this modern hobbit hole, you need some significant elements such as terracotta and quartz. So, make sure you are collecting these elements first.


Finally, you know about the best Minecraft survival house ideas. We have shared some unique ideas that can be very exciting to create. Make sure you are reading these ideas carefully. If you need help, you can search for the tutorial on the internet. For more information, you can also start your research.

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