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10 Best Simulation Games for Android in 2022

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The gaming platform has evolved a lot in the last few decades. Nowadays, the choice of selecting a game has become narrower in comparison to earlier times. The fastest developed category is simulation games. People love to play these games because they can see a lot of diversification in a single game. It comes with a lot of unpredictable surprises and twists to give an experience of living in real life. One more advantage of playing a simulation game is that the player can enjoy the beautiful story and relate it to his real life. In this post, we will focus on some best simulation games that have grabbed attention among a lot of Android users.

Best Simulation Games for Android

The list of the best simulation games for Android are the following:-

1. Fallout Shelter

The first in the list is Fallout shelter. The storyline of the game is very different from other games. It allows you to build underground shelters and grow a community inside a land. The player has to use all the tools for making a shelter for new people. The simulation proceeds with a much better twist in the middle of the level. The player had to take care of the whole community by protecting the building at the time of the fire. It also allows you to decorate the houses inside the ground to make it comfortable like a real home.

2. SimCity: Buildit

It is a simulator game that allows you to customize a Simcity. The player is independent to apply all his creative skill to build his city. It gives features for constructing a skyscraper, setting up factories, ships, etc. Take control over the city like a real boss. Learn to trade, chat, and compete with other business persons. Customize the landmark and make your city look more beautiful than others. Turn the whole town into the most potent workplace and invest the profit in developing the city.

3. The Sims Mobile

The sims mobile is all about living a good life with neighbours and friends. The storyline is set by looking into the psychological behaviour of humans. The player has to make new friends in the game and travel into different areas of the city. You can have parties, dance with your friends, propose a girl, and find your perfect life partner in the game. The best part is that they don’t grow old so you can enjoy the game as long as you can. Find an ideal match and spend most of the time with her like a real partner. It also has a lot of things to explore in the city.

4. Godus

It is the award-winning simulation game because of its fantastic gameplay.  You have the role of God and use your powers to balance the world. You get the full power of changing the nature according to your decision. You can create mountains, join two lands, make rains in the place of suffering. You have to balance both the good and bad work to stabilize the world. The game gives the player full rights to do whatever he wants. It gives you the chance to be a God and run the world according to your fingertips.

5. Dragon Mania Legends

This simulation game is all about training and feeding dragons. The player has to choose some baby dragons and feed them like a pet. He needs to feed the dragon and provide intense training for participating in the dragon war. The game is all about dragons so that you won’t find a single human in the game. The dragon needs to be trained to fight against evil dragons who came to attack the dragon land. The player has to keep nurturing the dragons, and they will help to grab more coins in the future.

6. Farming Simulator 14

It is a multiplayer and sole farming simulator game that gives everyone the chance to farm in an open land. The player gets access to different stuff like tractors, sewing machines, cows, etc. to use them in farming. The main motto of the game is to grow crops in different areas of the village and sell it to towns. The player has to follow the buy and sell crop method to make profit from the crops. It is a game for hard workers who have to change a barren land to green cropland. The player has to keep continuing farming in many areas to increase productivity before the harvesting.

7. Infinite Flight Simulator

It is a flying simulator game that allows you to play the role of pilot and travel to different parts of the world. It is a paid game with high 3D graphics. All the locations shared in the game are copied from real sites. It will make a player feel like travelling on a real aeroplane. The pilot also gets the feature to drive it via autopilot or NAV mode. The plane also has to face adverse weather conditions and storms like real life. It also had received a lot of good feedback regarding the graphics and gameplay.

8. Adventure Capitalist

It is an ideal money-making simulator game describing about the life of a person who gets rich by investing in the right place. Start with a small business and invest extra profits to some growing business to generate good profit—double and triple your advantage by investing in the right place. The game gives ideas to make you learn about investment and money. The player follows the role of a struggling capitalist. He needs to turn himself into a billionaire till the end of the game.

9. Block City Wars

This simulator game is made from Minecraft characters. It is a multiplayer action and fun game that gives a lot of amazing features to stop bad people from destroying the city. The game clearly describes the life of a town. The player can travel into different locations with cars and bikes to defeat other players. The simulation game provides a reasonable frame per the second feature for displaying the best 3D graphics.

10. Zombie Castaways

The game describes the life of a zombie. The storyline shares the journey about zombies living in an island. It displays a zombie land where they had to travel to another island to collect berries for living. It shows the life of different types of zombies residing in different places. They have their zombie vehicle to travel across the oceans for reaching to a different island. The player also has to help zombie to find his love. The zombie had to change into a human for the girl in the end.

Final words

It is all about the best simulation games that had received a lot of good reviews. It has users from all around the world. The information mentioned above is only the intros; all of these games can be explored more in-depth after you download and play them. It all depends upon the interest of the player to decide the perfect simulation game of his choice.

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