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10 Best Action Games for Android Device in 2022

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Playing an action game usually gives a feeling of an action hero. You can shoot, fight, run, jump, and do a lot more stuff while playing an action game. All the unrealistic dream-like fighting with a zombie, driving airplanes becomes virtually comes true in the game. If you are you still struggling to find the best action game for android, then in this article, all your search come to an end? We are here with the best games for android that can give you the feel of fighting in the real world because of their amazing graphics. All these action games are available on play store and don’t charge you anything to download.

List of Top 10 Best Action Games for Android:-

We have explored a lot to make a list of the best games for android. We have collected some best action games from fighting, shooting, mission, and other different categories. The list of best action game for android is the following,:-

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile
  • Gunship Battle
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Hopeless Land
  • Metal Soldiers
  • Shadow Fight 2
  • Pixel Gun 3d
  • Real Steel World Robot Boxing
  • Bomber Friends
  • Cover Fire

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile

  • Mode:- Online
  • Size:- 1.7 GB
  • Multiplayer:- Yes

It is also known as PUBG in short. This game doesn’t need any introduction, as most of you must have played the game. The game lets you battle among 100 players at a time, and you need to save yourself from other 99 players and survive till the last to win the game. The game has different maps like Vikendi, sank,  etc. You can land from the plane using a parachute and collect weapons to defeat your enemy.

2. Gunship Battle

  • Mode:- Offline
  • Size:- 134 MB
  • Multiplayer:- No

It is one of the best games for android for those who love to face wars on the air. Gunship battle is a 3D action game where you have to play the role of a pilot. You need to fly your helicopter in full control and shot your enemy from the sky. The incredible graphics of the game takes the game to the next level. It comes among the ”action games free download” category and provides you with different mission to defeat your opponent.

3. Garena Free Fire

  • Mode:- Online
  • Size:- 534 MB
  • Multiplayer:- Yes

The game gives you the same feeling of playing PUBG. The game starts with a jump of 50 members from a helicopter for survival. The survival time in Gareena free fire is set as 10 minutes. You need to keep yourself to the safe zone to be alive until 10 minutes to win the game. You get guns, vehicles, medicine, and a lot of stuff in the battleground, which is necessary to keep you safe. All of these mini-features make it one of the best action games for android.

4. Hopeless Land

  • Mode:- Online
  • Size:- 346 MB
  • Multiplayer:- Yes

It is also a battleground game where you need to defeat 121 players to win the game. The game provides simple keys feature so, it is elementary to operate. For a beginner, this game can be the best game for android. It takes a little more time to complete as the total number of players in the game are very large. Within the size of 350 MB, the game lets you experience outstanding graphic features.

  • Mode:- Offline
  • Size:- 72 MB
  • Multiplayer:- No

It is an ultimate action game that allows Metal Soldiers to shoot the terrorist. They have to collect adrenaline from the battlefield to gain their stamina. It is a 2D game with a lot of enemies and weapons. You need to shoot enemies with much safety. If you get injured with bullets, then your running speed began to decrease and make it difficult for survival. The difficulty of level goes on increasing on clearing each level.

6. Shadow Fight 2

  • Mode:- Offline
  • Size:- 143 MB
  • Multiplayer:- No

Shadow fight 2 is the best game for that user to have an interest in kungfu and Shaolin fighting skills. It is a fighting game between two users who use their fighting skills to kill each other. The game provides you weapons like sword, knife, etc., to fight with your opponent. The game starts with a Shaolin monk who trained you to become a good fighter. The kicking and punching styles of the shadow fighter make it the best action game for android.

7. Pixel Gun 3d

  • Mode:- Online and offline
  • Size:- 1.2 GB
  • Multiplayer:- Yes

It is a shooting game that comes with amazing graphics. Users can play both online and offline mode of the game. The online mode allows 11 players to play in the same battle. You get a collection of more than 800 weapons to shoot your enemies. It has more than ten game modes to enhance the beauty of the game. You need to run and shoot the zombies to survive in your zone. You can explore more than 100 territories after clearing each level of the game.

8. Real Steel World Robot Boxing

  • Mode:- Offline
  • Size:– 609 MB
  • Multiplayer:- No

If you are a robot lover, then Robot steel can be the best action game for android phones. It is a robot boxing game that allows you to choose a robot of your choice to mess with another robot. Some of the popular robots that you can select are Zeus, Noisy Boy, etc. These robots are 9 feet tall with a weight of more than 2000 pounds. You can train all these robots and make them ready to win the fight.

9. Bomber Friends

  • Mode:- Online
  • Size:- 75 MB
  • Multiplayer:- Yes

It is a game that doesn’t give you guns to shoot but gave you bombs to blast your enemies. It is an online multiplayer game with more than 300 levels and six different worlds. Maximum 8 players can join the play the fun and start throwing a bomb on each other to win the game.

10. Cover Fire

  • Mode:- Offline
  • Size:- 333
  • Multiplayer:- No

It is an adult sniper shooting game that can be played in an offline mode. The developer had set a warning from the beginning that it is an addictive game. You need to prove yourself with your shooting skill to be the best shooter on the game. The pistols, shotguns and other weapon  make you feel like a real commando. It is the best to action games for android users that love to play sniper mission games.

Final Words

All the games mentioned above are the best action games for android with unique features and quality. You must try each of them to judge the best games for android users according to your choice.

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