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WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator 0.5.170 APK (MOD, Free Shopping)

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WorldBox Sandbox God simulator mod apk comes with a unique idea. The game allows playing the role of God to run the universe. The player has to power to do whatever he wants with the planet. It allows to create a new civilization, creatures, mountains etc. to run the nation according to the will. The simulator game can help to create a new world with different rules and objects. It all depends upon the creativity of the gamer to run the world after getting the power of God. The player has to maintain the balance by stabilizing the good and bad things happening in the created world.

Information about WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator

APP Name WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator
Size 43M
Features Free Shopping
Powered By
Last Update On August 2020
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WorldBox Sandbox God simulator make the gameplay a little easy because of the unlocked feature. God can easily maintain the harmony of good and bad people residing on the planet. New stuff and different type of features are available for creating rivers, mountains, sheep, civilization etc. Everything happens in the game according to the interest of God. The player must be ready to face the consequences of all his work done in the present. God even don’t have the right to erase the past.

Features of WorldBox Sandbox God simulator

The storyline is fixed from the beginning but the game run according to the change made on the planet. Some of the features available to explore are the following:-

Create a new life on the planet

The gamer plays the role of God. He is independent to design any creature and give them experience for residing in the earth. The journey of God becomes more complicated if the player tries to create partiality in the life of the creatures. God can’t make everyone happy at a time. So, it is necessary to create a balance of good and bad stuff to run the world in equilibrium. Distinct type of creature can be designed with just one click.

Try to interact with the creatures

The player has to teach all the creatures for interacting with each other. He has fo save lives of the innocent being by giving them special characters for protection. The role of God must be followed to balance life. Creatures like wolf, sheep, Orks, dragon and even UFO can exist with commerce on the planet. God should not forget his duty and run the game according to the building storyline.

Create new civilizations

WorldBox Sandbox God simulator give a simple idea of creating and evolving a civilization to survive on earth. God has full power to create wars, bring happiness, add feelings of faith and evil in the mind of the civilized people. He has to help them to exist on the planet by following all the rules according to nature. The prayers of the people will reach to God after building trust on the people residing on the earth.

Use the sandbox powers

The sandbox gives unique superpowers to the player to run the world like a god. It helps to bring rain, change the weather, brighten the sunshine etc. to make the people strong to face the situation. The player has also to do creative destruction in some places to make people understand the real meaning of life. Every natural phenomenon can be alternate using the power of sandbox.

Final words

WorldBox Sandbox God simulator is the best game to get some experience of utilizing the power of God. The game allows discovering the idea of the player after becoming the creator of the world. The simulator will make you feel like a real god and understand some lesson about living life.

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