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West Gunfighter MOD APK v1.8 (Unlimited Money)

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West Gunfighter is a 3D action game that describes the lifestyle of a cowboy. The player has the role of a cowboy who has to either killed or be killed by the enemies. He has to choose horses from different places to travel across a diverse city. The player has to hold his guns on both of his hands and shoot like an action hero. The gameplay will give you the feeling of playing the role of an ancient hero in old-time. He has to complete missions and earn rewards for unlocking more features.

Information about West Gunfighter MOD APK

APP Name West Gunfighter
Version 1.8
Size 25M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On November 2019
Get It On


West Gunfighter has loaded high 3D graphics to gave an authentic story to the game. The player can choose the character of a cowgirl or cowboy to start the game. The controlling units are available on the downside of the screen to control the activities of a cowboy. The scenes in the story look like a movie of old times. The outfit of each player gives you the look of a complete cowboy. The carrageenan heroes have to find the wrong guy and shoot them to complete the mission.

Features of West Gunfighter MOD

The game gives you the experience of living in an ancient city with limited technology. Some of the elements to explore are the following:-

Different types of activities

The player doesn’t only get options to shoot the enemies with his gun. The advanced feature of the game is that you can do many activities like a real man like going to different places, interact with new people, buy guns, and other necessary tools for completing the mission. The game has a wide range of activities available for the cowboy and cowgirl to explore. The whole storyline gave me a fantastic experience of facing a difficult situation.

New levels and customization

West Gunfighter is a mission game where the player goes to the next level only after completing the given task. He has to defeat the main villain in each level to take entry to the next level. He also has to travel to different locations and face terrorists. He has to kill them for the first time without leaving any evidence for the gang. They come in a big crowd to attack the cowboy. He has to shoot them all by taking horse rides.

Upgrade your cowboy

The game gives options to change the look of a cowboy and make him look more vulnerable. There is much stuff, including the outfits which the player can try to look like a real hero. You can change the colour of his dress and also upgrade his horse to make the game a little simple. Keep changing the look of the player and have different experiments in facing the terrorist. The player has to go to the main base of terrorists and kill the boss to stop terror attacks in the city.

Find the hidden loot

The game is filled with mysterious treasure and ornaments in the same places. The player has to apply his idea to find the location of the wealth. Reach the site with your horse and get the loot before anyone reaches the place. The cowboy can also track the cache if it got stolen by someone. He needs to follow them to take it back for getting more rewards. The game also gives additional coins for completing the task before the given time limit.

Download West Gunfighter MOD APK v1.8 for Android

West Gunfighter is a fantastic game to get a feel of ancient ages. The outfits and the environment displayed in the game gave you the feeling of residing in the past. It can be the game of choice for those who want to get an experience of loots in ancient times.

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