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Virtual Beggar MOD APK 3.33 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

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Virtual Beggar MOD (Unlimited Money) is a wise game that aims to help a beggar to come out of poverty. The beggar doesn’t sit across the road the whole day and wait for people to donate money. He is a hard-working beggar that shows the circus of rotating balls on his hand like a circus show. People travelling on the road becomes happy with his talent and give him the money as a reward. The player only needs to tap on the screen to control the character. The game proceeds to level by level to make the beggar a little productive than before.

Information about Virtual Beggar Mod Apk

APP Name Virtual Beggar
Size 30M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On November 2019
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Virtual Beggar possesses the gameplay of tapping the screen. The process continues until the beggar gets some money. The thinking level of the beggar doesn’t change after becoming wealthy, but he wishes to donate his income and again become a beggar. After collecting some reasonable sum of money, he walked to buy some clothes for him and donated the rest money to help other beggars in the street. The game gives a message of humanity to the real world. The emotional screenplay is very impressive and helps to develop some moral values.

Features of Virtual Beggar

Virtual Beggar MOD is a game describing the lifestyle of a beggar and his journey on the streets. Users can enjoy the following features in the game:-

Throw coins to start the journey

The players need to tap tap and tap on the screen to throw coins on his hand. The beggar rolls the ball from his side to make others feel happy. People, in return, gave him money as a reward to respect his talent. The coin exchanging trick helps him to get some bugs from the good people of the street. The journey of the beggar to become a billionaire tycoon starts from throwing coins on air.

Invest the money

After tapping the screen for a long time, it becomes easy for the beggar to collect money in very little time. Now, the decision to spend the money in the right place will assist the beggar in coming out of poverty. The player has to help him in setting up a company to proceed business like a talented personality. The player has to advise him to invest the cash at the legal industry to make money without any regret.

Give self treats

The thinking level of the beggar is unique from others. After making some bugs through business, the beggar treats to himself by spending some time in buying clothes. Help the beggar to choose the best outfit after becoming a business tycoon. The money comes from hard work, and he is very proud to go out of the worst situation. The storyline continues further on tapping the screen.

Collect houses and workers

The beggar has now enough money to buy houses from his profits. The player has to help him to buy all those stuff mentioned in his wishlist. It is a way to give satisfaction to most of the beggars. But, the reason behind purchasing houses and calling workers is different, which will reveal after going to the next screenplay. The player needs to tap on the screen to enjoy the following story.

Ultimate donation of property

The game comes to an end after the beggar donates all his earned money to workers and poor people to recover them from poverty. He now turned into a beggar like the previous life. He starts his journey again from the same place in the road streets. The game gives an ultimate lesson by the story of beggar. It states that feeling of satisfaction is much higher than making money in the world.

Download Virtual Beggar MOD APK 3.33 Unlimited Money

Virtual Beggar MOD apk comes with amazing gameplay that describes the life of a beggar. People who want to get some motivation must play games like this to develop some positive vibes in mind.

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