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Traffic Racer Mod Apk v3.3 (Unlimited Money)

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An endless racer for the gamers out there who loves to spend their time with the racing games.

The game is created and published by Soner Kara Publisher that fulfills the vibes of reckless everyday driving. The game is kind of new that follows this very unique style of reckless driving that brings new to the genre.

Information about Traffic Racer Mod APK

APP Name Traffic Racer
Latest Version 3.3
Size 91 MB
Category Racing
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On May 2020
Get It On

As added earlier in the article, the game follows a pattern of racing but not on the racing track, on the normal highway road with other ordinary vehicles. The competition is very hard as the traffic would be there on the road, and it’s your job as the player to tackle them smoothly and win the race in the chaos. Traffic racer involves various four-wheel vehicles to race in the traffic, but if you love to ride a bike then you can also check out their other game that has been published by the same creators, known as Traffic Rider Apk.

Most of the racing games introduce either computer-controlled players or online players to challenge you. Not with the Traffic Racer Mod Apk, as the name suggest you just have to tackle the road traffic and win as many as points you can. The more points you get, the more rewards you will earn after a race. Winning points/money is very important in the game, as the vehicles aren’t cheap to buy. However, you can download Traffic Racer Hack Apk that comes with added benefits. Read the full article to know about it, or you can directly scroll down to the end of the page for the download button of Traffic Racer Mod Apk.

You are your own opponent, and it is very hard to difficult a competitive person such as yourself. That means the game is going to keep the time of the perfect race completed by yourself. You have to beat the timing to earn the points. If you ask me then this is more competitive than playing against computer-programmed players or friends.


Despite, the gameplay is somewhat different from other games but the controls remain the same. There would be two parts of touching button placed on the corner of your mobile screens, you can accelerate or brake by touching them. Although, if you are not comfortable with it then you can change the controls of the game from the settings, and set to screen rotation settings. In that way, if you would tilt the phone your vehicle go in that direction. You would get easily comfortable with the control mechanism but the hard part is the obstacles coming in your way.

Reckless Driving

Traffic racer is here to give you the feel of tensionless high-speed driving without following any traffic rules in a virtual world. You can go all crazy in traffic, instead of waiting just like any other driver on the street. The game has a design that would put you in situations where there must be obstacles to prevent you from racing but there comes your impatient mind comes.

You just have to save yourself from an accident, because then you have to start the game all over again and I think it is not the best way to play the game. The longer you play the game on road, the more points you are going to get after a race. 

Unlock New Vehicles

Beating your best time is not going to be easy for you with the same vehicle, that’s why you have to unlock new vehicles. The new vehicles are going to cost and let me tell you that the vehicles are not easy to buy, and it’s going to take more than some game points. It would take a lot more time to buy a new car in the game, that’s why we would suggest you install Traffic Racer Mod from this article that introduces the unlimited money feature. 

Do Not Imitate

It’s your time to live the life of reckless driving but always in the virtual world of Traffic Racer Apk. We would believe that in your life, you should drive nicely while following all the rules because you can’t get a new life in the real life. 

Mod Features Of Traffic Racer Game

As added in the article, the vehicles in the game aren’t that cheap. One has to complete so many races and much more coins/money to get a decent car. That’s why many players leave the game after playing for so much time, we found that problem and thought to add a mod apk of Traffic Racer Game.

This Mod would help players to get any vehicles they want with the feature of unlimited money. Now, you can buy any vehicle you want with the Traffic Racer Mod Apk installed on your device. You can also do some stunts similar to those shown in Hollywood movies.


The game is really good that gives you the feel of reckless driving that follows your player disobeying the rules in the virtual world of games. Although, do not imitate in real life, as it can hurt you in a dangerous way, or it can also cost your life.

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