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Torque Burnout Mod APK 3.1.4 (Unlimited Credits/Unlock All Cars)

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Torque Burnout is a stunt game of car that shows amazing power brakes talent. It is an online multiplayer game where a lot of players come to show their car burnout. The player has to ready the car from the garage and customize some features to express burnouts on the field. The player whose wheels rotate for a longer time during the stunts gets more extra points. The player who lasts long on rolling the wheels wins the game. It gives varieties of four-wheelers to show burnout talent. The riders can experience some gorgeous smokes and bursting tires on the ground.

Information about Torque Burnout MOD APK

APP Name Torque Burnout
Version 3.1.4
Size 65M
Features Unlimited Credits/Unlock All Cars
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
Get It On

Visual and Graphics

The game has stacked enough features in its large file size to make the stunt look more amazing. It has a collection of light to heavy cars for doing burnouts. The competition takes place in a large stadium where a lot of audiences come to see the scene. All the players start doing burnouts on the field with their cars. The one who finishes the best stunt wins the match and takes more rewards at each level. The whole environment created inside the game looks so original because of its amazing graphics and realistic sound.

Features of Torque Burnout

The tournament is all about doing only burnouts. Some of the functionality available to analyze are the following:-

Do amazing burnouts

The entirety has to find new ways of doing burnouts. The time of wheel rotation in air depends upon the motion and speed of the vehicle. The players who have reasonable control to do a powerful break can do amazing burnout stunts in the field. In the beginning, it isn’t easy to do burnouts. But, advancement in the vehicle and control of the car plays a vital role in doing amazing stunts.

Customize your cars

The trick of doing wheel rotating stunts goes to the customizing feature. The player had to check his car on the garage to get thorough details about the bouncing time and speed rotation of the vehicle. New features have to be added for doing impressive turns and rotations. All can be possible only in the garage; the player has to spend more time in the garage for accomplishing a complete set up for the stunt. Even a little defect can lead to slow down the speed while doing actions in the field.

Extensive collection of cars

The game has more than 50 collections of stunt loving supercars and four-wheelers for doing a burnout. The player has to utilize each of them one by one to check which one can be controlled in the right way for doing sliding stunts. The audience present in the stadium is ready to cheer up the name for the player who does impressive burnouts. Choose the right car to control and challenge with a lot of players participated in the occasion for showing stunts in the stadium.

The speciality of premium features

Premium features are anyhow better than the free one. But, a player can also unlock a lot of features by scratching high scores on the game. A good player even doesn’t need premium features to win the match. It all depends upon the management of the speed for doing terrific car sliding. Premium features make it easy for the players to do amazing stuff in their cars. Expanding some new feature make the stunt more different from other vehicles.

Torque Burnout Mod Apk 3.1.4 (Unlock All Cars)

The game is all about revealing stunts on the ground. It can be the game of choice for those who love to watch feats on the ground rather than flying a car on air. The view of doing actions on the field creates an excellent environment for stunt lovers.

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