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Sniper 3D: Fun Free Online FPS (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk for Android

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Sniper 3D Gun Shooter MOD (Unlimited Coins) is a multiplayer online shooting game with a lot of missions. It has the most responsive gameplay to make a player addicted to the game. It is also available to play offline. The game first gives a mission to the player and shows him a cursor to reach the exact location for exploring the city. It has a fantastic collection of guns and rifles for shooting the enemies. The player needs to be alert from all the direction to protect himself from the enemies. They also can change their outfit by trying different skins from the store.

Information about Sniper 3D MOD APK

APP Name Sniper 3D Gun Shooter
Version 3.19.7
Size 119M
Features Unlimited Coins
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Last Update On November 2020
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The main target of the player is to save the good looking hostess from the enemies. They kidnap her to a secured location surrounded by a lot of bodyguards. The player has to rescue her from entering to building and shoot down the bodyguards one by one. He also need to protect himself from their bullets because a single hit on the body will let him die. He has to keep changing his gun according to the situation to rescue the beautiful lady from that place. After passing the mission, the game took the player to the next level and offered him the job of saving more people. The player needs to keep working on his shooting skills to get the trophy of a pro rescuer.

Visual and Graphics

It shares highly animated 3D graphics with high frame rates. The player needs a secure internet connection to play in an online mode. The game runs quite well in offline mode. The buildings of the city look the same as New York city. There are more than 50 floors on the premises that gave an outstanding look at the location. The map looks quite beautiful from the top. The enemies keep changing the area for safety. They travel in helicopters, cars, planes around the city. The player has to shoot even the vehicles with big guns for letting dozens of people to death. The whole scene will remind of watching an action film. Much work is done on the sound part for giving a drastic effect to the gameplay.

Features of Sniper 3D Gun

The graphics of the game has already impressed a lot of sniper lovers. Some of the features available in the game to explore are the following:-

Complete mission to get the trophy

Every mission of the game has a different set of targets. The main motto of the player is to go through the situation and safely resue the given character from the location. He gets difficulty from all the sides. The opponent knew quickly whenever their man dies. They send more troops to find and shoot the killer. The player has to protect himself by hiding in a safe place. He can use some sound fewer guns inside their building for not letting them know about the situation. The final target is to reach the center of the building for rescuing the hostess.

Intuitive controls on the game

Sniper 3D Gun Mod gives easy control feature on the game with limited keys for bringing more comfortability to the player. It will take some time for the beginner to stick to the game. It has a circular low opacity key floating on the left side of the screen for moving the player in any direction. There are some options for changing guns. The player also gets the permission to set the keys on the screen as per his interest. It has options to mute the sound and to set the volume with its own choices.

Unlock different guns and skins

It has a collection of wide varieties of guns that gets unlocked on exchanging with the coins. The player has to complete a few missions with a standard rifle to collect some points, he can use them to get the most affordable weapon of his choice. The more level he clear, the more rewards he can unlock from the sniper store. It also has the option to buy premium guns directly from the store by paying some real cash. The players who are willing to buy something from the beginning can do it by investing some of their money.

Enjoy multiplayer gameplay in the online mode

The online mode needs a much stable connection to run on an Android phone. Players can send invitations or create some waiting room to invite their friends to join the mission. The one who can rescue the lady as early wins the match. The game became a lot more competitive for the players in an online mode.

Sniper 3D: Fun Free Online FPS (MOD, Unlimited Coins) 3.19.7 APK

Sniper 3D Gun provides the best 3D graphics to keep the attention of the player. It has both easy and challenging missions for increasing the skill of the gamer. The shooting effects and locations are enough to make a player addict to the game.

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