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RFS Real Flight Simulator 1.2.2 Apk + MOD + OBB latest

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RFS- Real Flight is a flying simulator that allows you to travel via plane across different countries of the world. It is full of a lot of locations to explore. The beautiful scenery of the land from the top of the plane gives a fantastic flying experience. The game is not free; the player needs to pay approx 0.5 $ to enjoy the game. Your role is to be a pilot and take control of the planes. There are a lot of buttons displayed near the seat of the pilot. It would be best if you learned the functions to get the driving experience.

Information about RFS – Real Flight Simulator Mod

APP Name RFS – Real Flight Simulator
Version 1.2.2
Size 264M
Features Unlocked
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
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The game starts with an airport from where you need to fly away from the plane into the sky. After reaching a proper height, you need to stabilize the aircraft. It then automatically fly in the sky. In the air, the pilot has not to control much to the plane. But, while flying in low altitude, he needs to take care of what’s coming on the location. All the features share many similarities like original planes. Keep checking the mountains and speed of the aircraft to avoid a collision.


The graphics of RFS – Real Flight is very realistic. The game is made only to fly in the air and enjoy beautiful locations. Much effort has been given to the scenery. The 3D graphics will make you feel like watching the land from a real aeroplane. The player gets full control to change the speed of the plane. The monitor near the pilot seat displays the air pressure outside the aircraft. It gives all the details about the weather and wind speed within the range of 50 Kms from the location point. All things go like a real aeroplane. It will take a little more time to be a pro pilot of the plane.

Features of RFS – Real Flight simulator

The game comes with many impressive sceneries from a variety of locations. Some of the features available in the game are the following:-

Take off and land on airports

The piolet has to start driving the plane from the airport. It is necessary to learn simple training skills at the beginning to know how to take off and land the flight. Once mastering the power, you can start taking rides on the plane and travel around the world. The pilot needs to follow all the rules coming through the signals to control the aircraft. Care must be taken at the time of landing to complete the safe ride.

Automatic creation of flight plan

These features don’t let you do anything in the game. The plane run in an auto mode, everything keeps on going automatically without any control. It is available to enjoy the scenery from the plane. Removing all driving power lets you give full focus on the ground and the sky. Enjoy watching the beauty of nature while travelling on the way. You can also change the auto mode to manual mode if you get bored of watching the scenery from the plane. In manual mode, you have to do all the duties like changing the direction of the plane and flying on the right route.

Day and night cycles

The player can experience both day and night cycles while travelling through the plane. Everything happens like a real one. Time has been fixed already in the game to change the weather and cycles regularly. It doesn’t make you feel like riding playing a simulator game. It is the most liked feature of RFS – Real Flight that brings more realistic to the game.

Join Multiplayer mode

It is the most fantastic feature that allows you to fly with other players. Every player gets a different plane to travel around any part of the world. The player can interact with other pilots by chatting with them online. It creates a bonding between the pilots. It can be more fun for playing with friends and get details about the sceneries of their place. The game doesn’t repeat the same view every time. It has different natural locations to explore.

Personalize your instrument and gauges

This feature is available in the multiplayer mode. The pilot gets the full right to personalize the accessing tools for bringing the more comfort lane. It will make the riding experience so smooth, and you will not face any problem like fuel discharge or defects on your way. Fix all the parts by using the personalization tools available on the plane.

ATC traffic control

It is also a feature of the pro version that lets you speak from inside the plane and command for cleaning the air traffic. You can give the control for when to take off the next flight from the airport. It also lets you talk to other driving pilots for sending instructions and emergency messages. The feature is also used in training for teaching the flying techniques.

Download RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK 1.2.2

RFS – Real Flight simulator is the best flying game with a lot of features. The simulator game brings a lot of new locations while travelling through different places to make the game look more realistic.

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