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My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Coins)

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The game is for all ages, as anyone can enjoy taking care of this little-born kitten. The game was released in 2013 by Outfit 7 and it’s been great for the game as well as the publisher/creator of the game.

Information about My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

APP Name My Talking Tom 2
Size 110M
Features Unlimited Money, Coins
Powered By
Last Update On August 2021
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The game would make you the parent of a pet cat named tom. It’s a born little-kitten, but you have to take care, feed, clean, shop, and many other things for him. Just like any other cat, he becomes bore easily, that’s when you can use the game’s feature to feed him with the icon of “Knife and Fork”. The game displays meter based on the cat, that depicts if Tom is feeling hungry, or unhealth, sleepy, or else.

As you are the parent of this Tom cat in My Talking Tom 2, so you have to take care of the nutrition of this cat by choosing the best items for him. You can choose from various foods like fruits, milk, cakes, meat, vegetables, and more. Once the food is finished from the refrigerator then you also have to buy the products from the store. You will get the money after completing tasks, or playing/winning mini games.

Learn Cleanliness

Tom is a cat that likes to play during the day, after playing his cleanliness meter would decrease automatically. When the meter decrease to the bottom, that’s where you have to clean the tom for to meter to go high. Other thing is that, just like any other cat pet, you have to take tom to the toilet regularly or he will feel very bad, or his health would worsen.

Just take tom to tolilet, and then you can shut the door the rest is on him. When it comes to bath tom, there are various options of bath soap. You can choose based on your preference but at the end of the day it would not matter. It’s just an extra feature/option that’s really great to have in games like this. 

Enjoying With Tom

One of the many things this game does is that it teaches you, how to take care of any pet. What does this pet would need on daily basis?, and other similar things like that. If you have played the first version of this game, then you would have known that tom is very active cat, and he likes to play or else he will get tired after a while. So, that’s why the creators of the game has added the feature of mini-games in Talking Tom 2 game, so it can help tom to make hyperactive, as well as it’s the only way to earn coins in the game.

These coins are the currency in the game; with these coins you can buy clothes, foods, decorations for tom and its house. If you don’t want to play these mini-games to earn coins, then you can also use the Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk that would help you to get the feature of unlimited coins built in the application. 

Game Graphics

The graphics of the game are somewhat similar to the predecessor My Talking Tom, but the company worked on many new features of the game that will bring a smile to your face such as mimicking features, more on that later in this article. The graphics are in 3D with exceptional detailing and beautiful bright colors. The pet tom looks good as the previous version of My Talking Tom.  

Mimicking At Its Best

Coming to the mimicking feature, the players have to allow the usage of the microphone to enable this game feature. When you are downloading My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk, then the game itself would allow the microphone usage, because your friendly tom is going to mimic any word said by the players. The only difference between the mimic is that tom has a high-pitched cartoon voice, that surely going to be loved by children of the house. 

Mod Features Of My Talking Tom

As added in the article, if you need to buy things you would need money coins earned from the game itself. By completing tasks and levels, players could get their hands on tom’s favorite items like outfits, food, dishes, decorations, and more. So the main task of any player of My Talking Tom is to earn money as much as they can, so they can easily buy what they want for their lovely tom.

Not anymore, as we have found a My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk that removes the limitation of coins from the start of the game, which means you would get unlimited money after installing My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk on your devices.  The mod version of My Talking Tom 2 is going to be loved by your children, as they could buy anything for their pet tom without hesitation, and this doubles up the excitement while playing the game.

Download My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk for Android

Here is a link where you can download and install my talking tom 2 hack version on your android devices. There is no mode version for iOS users. So iOS users have to satisfy themselves with the original version from Apple’s app store.


Anyone can play this game, to have a nice digital pet on their Smartphone. Usually, you can teach little kids about cleanliness, eating habits, and other things from the game. Moreover, if you are going to buy a pet, then My Talking Tom 2 is also going to help you with that to understand what a pet needs really, and how you would have to take care of everything. As added the graphics of the game is exceptional with bright colors to make your day.

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