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Kingdom Rush Mod Apk 4.2.27 (Unlimited Money)

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Kingdom Rush is an epic game for saving a kingdom. The player is given the role of the king who needs to take every little step to protect the country from evil attacks. It is all about building towers like a boundary to restrict the enemies from getting inside the nation. The game has more than 40 types of castles with unique protection abilities to block the soldiers from other continents. It also provides the group of epic warriors that help in throwing the enemy out of the nation. The game gives an excellent experience of the crusade between two kingdoms where the humans have to battle against monsters to save the country.

Information about Kingdom Rush Mod Apk

APP Name Kingdom Rush
Size 48M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On July 2020
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The player can experience a well-optimized 2D graphics to enjoy the game. The rivalry has displayed the story of a kingdom named Lingrea. The duty of all the mighty heroes, including the king is to protect the nation. The ruler gets informed from the beginning whenever a group of evils come for an attack. He needs to build the periphery by establishing a strong tower around the territory to save it from other warriors. The opponent province will try their best to break the tower, but the player has to look in every direction to reestablish the weak points.

Features of Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a game of battles. It has the following feature available to explore in the gameplay:-

Maximize the capability of the army

The first thing to save the kingdom is to ready a strong army that is eligible to fight against the opponent monarchy. There are about 12 Mighty heroic characters available to take part in the war. The player has to choose any one of them glimpsing into the weak point of another kingdom. The mighty heroes help in setting up a strong pillar all around the domain to defeat the evils by using weapons available in the towers.

Fight over 50 unique enemies

The opponent team is stronger enough to defeat the kingdom. There are about 50 types of enemies like demons, animals; witches come in a group to take down the tower. The player has to send the mighty heroes to kill the evil group or stop them from getting inside the boundaries. The king had to order to set up the tower again once it gets smashed by the enemies. Every single step taken should be taken at the right time looking into the situation to save the nation from other spheres.

Over 60 achievements

The game is full of numerous battles and available offline to play. The players get the new achievements and power-ups looking into the performance of the team on the war. The game reward a particular type of weapons like sword, guns, tomb, etc. to challenge the opponent kingdom. The more achievement the player can grab, the more it will be easy for the king to win the battle.

Participate in epic boss fights

Every kingdom comes with the main leader, who is the control unit of the war. The main target of the king is to kill the leader. It all depends upon the idea of massacring the opponent king in such a big crowd. Once the boss died, the level gets completed, and the player has to face another level to fight with a new kingdom. There are more than 50 provinces to explore one after the other. On each level, the king has to pass through the boss fight to win the assault.

Download Kingdom Rush MOD v4.2.27 (Unlimited Money)

Kingdom Rush is an epic fight game between two kingdoms that gives a good experience of saving the nation. It has a lot of characters to explore and use them in the war. The game is capable enough to give an idea of saving a country from the epic battle.

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