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Hello Neighbor MOD APK 1.0 Download (Unlocked) for Android

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Hello Neighbor is a horror game where you have to find out the mystery of your neighbour’s house. The whole situation ends in looking into the activities of your neighbor. The player has to try every different thing to get inside the home of his neighbor and make excuses to see the basement. The player has to unlock the mystery behind the secrets of his neighbor. The camera is surrounded at every corner of the house. The player has to keep himself hidden from the camera by entering the house on dark for investigation. The end of the game can be revealed only after exploring the last level.

Information about Hello Neighbor Mod Apk

APP Name Hello Neighbor
Version 1.0
Size 34M
Features Unlocked
Powered By
Last Update On July 2020
Get It On


The whole gameplay of Hello Neighbor is full of high 3D graphics to make you feel like living in a story. The storyline shares amazing, thrilling music and background sound to make it more catchy while playing. A player can experience the day and night view like a real world. He had to keep his eyes by moving to his neighbour’s house. Whenever his neighbour finds you in his house, you need to run from the place to save yourself from getting killed. It shares a fantastic climax like a real mystery.

Features of Hello Neighbor Latest Apk

Hello Neighbor can be the game of choice for those who want to get some thrilling experience in their life. Some of the features available to explore are the following:-

Unlock the mystery

The game is all about doing an investigation in the neighbor’s house. Go to his home when he is out and turn off the light so that camera can’t detect you in the dark. Move down to the basement and find secrets of the sounds coming from his house. Also, keep ears on the door, so the neighbor doesn’t take entry at the time of your presence. Try to run from the home as early as possible to stop getting caught.

Find the ghost

The player has seen many other characters after looking from the window to the neighbour’s house. It is the reason why he moves every time to his house to see how does the ghost looks. The player has to run from the mysterious object present in the house to save his life from the ghost. The game gives an authentic experience of running on the roads. The spirit will run until you escape from the area. The player needs to be sure if the man behind the white mask is a ghost or some other man.

Protect yourself from neighbour

The neighbour living in front of your house is a weird person. The player has to try talking to him to build a relation. It will allow him to visit his home at any time and make it easy to find the mystery hidden in the house. The player also gets to feel like some supernatural characters living in the house. It happens whenever he visits the neighbour’s house for inquiry. So, he needs to do all this without letting the neighbor know about it.

Play against advanced AI

The developer has put on quite amazing AI that can quickly detect your every move like a real man. It will make the situation more complex to fail your plan every time. The player has to create a new idea by moving against the AI. You may fail every time with your policies but stick to the game and find all possible ways to unlock the mystery of the basement.

Download Hello Neighbor MOD APK v1.0 (Unlocked)

Hello Neighbor is a game full of thrilling situations. It confuses the player every time by making him fall in an unrealistic case. The game can be fantastic for those who love to watch horror movies.

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