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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a simple space shooting that allows you to kill aliens. The game is straightforward and easy to play. It is available in single and multiplayer mode. Maximum 3 players can enjoy the game at the same time. The game is full of best space war scenes where the player needs to shoot and blast all the aliens coming on the way. The role of the player is to act as a watch guard for saving life on earth. It displays different varieties of aliens with specific characteristics. Some of the aliens get killed with a single shot while other takes more than three bullets to blast on the space.

Information about Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod Apk

APP Name Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter
Size 91M
Features Unlimited Money
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Last Update On October 2020
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The game share a fantastic storyline for saving life on earth. The player is driving a space ship, and he has to shoot the aliens from inside the space ship. The number of alien ships coming towards the earth is enormous. The player is the only hope to turn them down. He needs to move his space ship in the left and right direction and continue shooting them to save earth from their upcoming attack. It creates a hazardous environment on reaching higher levels. The player has to deal with a large ship of aliens and upgrade the firing skill to stop them from coming to the earth.

Features of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy attack is full of amazing unrealistic scenes to give the experience of shooting in space. It had the following elements to explore in the game:-

Effortless control from the screen

The game is quite easy to play and doesn’t come with sophisticated options for remembering controlling buttons. The shooting goes on continuously. The buttles and missiles coming from the space never ends until the end. The player only needs to control the direction of the spaceship by moving left, right, top and down option from the screen. This feature doesn’t require much effort, but the player has to focus on the accuracy of shooting to blast a maximum number of the alien ships in very less time.

Upgrade weapons to be a pro shooter

The time of defeat depends upon the weapon you are using to shoot the aliens. The game gives different upgrading items that come on the way with the alien ship. The player needs to collect them to upgrade the missiles. Typically, only single projectiles are ejected out of the space ship. Collecting new bonus stuff will remove more than two to three weapons at a time that can blast more alien ships with a single shot. It is quite challenging to win the battle with the default missiles so, the game becomes easy whenever the player grabs them in proper time.

High quality optimized images

The background scenes displayed on the screen are very ultimate. The screen scrolls down automatically to give a feel of fighting in space. The game has unique unrealistic space scenes that provide some authentic experience of battle in the area. The alien never stop coming towards the earth, and the player needs to stop them continuously until the real boss arrives. Once the player killed the real boss, the game takes you to the next level to defeat more advanced space warrior.

Extreme boss battle

There are more than 160 levels with different bosses after each level. The player has to face unique types of villains after few levels to last longer in the battle. It is a war against humans and aliens, and the only hope to save the planet is on your hand. The player has to make his reflex action entirely defensible and focus more on moving the space ship to protect the spaceship from the missiles.


Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a fantastic shooting space game to fight against aliens. The scenes shown in the game are quite realistic to give a journey on the space.

Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod Apk

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