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FL Studio Mobile MOD APK 3.4.5 Download (Unlocked) for Android

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FL Studio Mobile is an app for performing music projects on android phones. It has a vast feature of adding different categories of tunes of drums, piano, soft music, etc. for making music tracks. It also can be connected and played via the speaker to enjoy the live sound. A wide range of music tracks can be easily mixed to create unique music tracks. FL Studio Mobile Mod Apk comes with all features unlocked where the users can create their music without any copyright issue. It also allows to import and export music files in Wav, mp3 and FLAC format.

Information about FL Studio Mobile MOD APK

APP Name FL Studio Mobile
Size 208M
Features Unlocked
Powered By
Last Update On October 2020
Get It On

Interface of FL Studio Mobile App

FL Studio Mobile app has varieties of features for creating unique and attractive music tracks. New features are available in every corner of the home screen for importing music files. The app also gives an option to create a new project where the user can make unique music tracks with MIDI support. Users can also record audio, play instruments, mix track using the option available on the home screen.

Features of FL Studio Mobile Apk

FL Studio Mobile mod apk can be helpful for those who don’t have access to PC for making music tracks. It has the following feature to explore:-

High-quality music effects

It supports high-quality music synthesizers, drum kits, loop beats, etc. to make a unique style of music. The piano feature is handy in making your tune and plays it in repeat mode to create audio tracks. An extensive range of sound effects present in the app is of great importance to be more creative with the music. Every pure and complex soundtrack is unlocked in FL Studio Mobile Apk to take the creativity to the next level.

MIDI controller support

It’s a feature that enables to control the sound speed, loop, pitch, frequency, beats, etc. for creating a music track. FL Studio Mobile has all these features available to develop their music or customize existing music as per the tools available in the app. High quality, pleasant to steed music, can be created using the available tools. Mixing of the single and multi-track is allowed that make it easy for everyone to raise interest in editing.

Adjustable screen layout

FL Studio Mobile allows us to customize the screen rotation and sidebar setting as per the ease of operation. Users can applicate the function in both vertical and horizontal modes to edit the music projects easily. The app has already a feature of adjusting back to the landscape mode while making handy for the user to explore all the advantages.

Wifi project share

FL Studio Mobile app also allows us to share the music audits and file to other FL studio users. It helps in knowing about the work. This feature helps in doing multitasking to make the music track better. It is the best feature for people who work in a group to complete music tracks in one place. Users can easily ask doubts to tutors by sharing files over wifi and rectify the problem faced while making the tracks.

Piano roll editor

The app also allows for editing piano notes and chords. Users can quickly write the music tunes and harmonies in the clean place to get the same output of music. It also opens a way to customize or recreate music from particular beats of music notes. The feature is beneficial to those who have q brief idea of reading music notes.

Download FL Studio Mobile Mod Apk (Unlocked)

FL Studio Mobile Mod Apk is an alternative music track making app. It is the only android app that comes with such polished features of adding and making music notes. The app is quite helpful for those who don’t have access to use paid music track maker software for PC.

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