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Farm Heroes Saga MOD APK 5.48.4 (Lives/Hero/Moves)

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Hello, Everyone, If you are looking for Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk. then you are here at the right place. In this post we will share with you Farm Heroes Saga Unlimited Lives/Hero/Moves for Free Download.

Farm Heroes Saga is developed by the members of the candy crush saga. The game share minimal similarity with candy crush. The storyline of the game is different from other candies game. The player has to arrange vegetables and fruits grown on the farm. All the farming vegetables are categorized in checkboxes. The player has to make pairs of equal varieties of fruits to grab points. The new thing about the game is that even the farm animals also help to solve the puzzle by eating the mismatched pair of fruit from the checkboxes.

Information about Farm Heroes Saga Mod Apk

APP Name Farm Heroes Saga
Version 5.48.4
Size 97M
Features Lives/Hero/Moves
Powered By
Last Update On June 2020
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The game has a different storyline that makes it unique from other puzzle games. The player gets farm animals as well as Racoon to disturb your matching vegetables. Both these characters take entries after some regular intervals in the middle of the gameplay. The player needs to collect the vegetable and fruits pair before the arrival of Racoon to save most of the vegetable pair. There are hundreds of levels to unlock to enjoy a good experience in solving puzzles. The sound effects are kept funnier to make a player smile and become happy in the playtime.

Features of Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga aims for saving vegetables and fruits grown on the farm. It also has the following element to explore:-

Save plants from raccoon

Racoon, the evil fox, will try to disturb the farmland by destroying the crop grown on the field. The player has to bring farm hero forces to save all the plants from the fox at the right time. The heroes will try to block the way to take entry into the field. The game shows an extensive collection of vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, onions, etc. for making the match pair. The player had to solve the puzzle by arranging similar plants in a line. The only difference in Farm Heroes Saga is you need to match vegetables in right order instead of candies.

Earn extra points in hero mode

The game has a hero mode for grabbing more points in very little time. It brings safeguards to the farm that protect the crops from being stolen. The farming heroes don’t allow any raccoon to take entry. It is therefore helpful to grab more points on very less duration of time. The player gets full time to solve the puzzle without getting disturbed from external thefts. It also gives some bonus points for matching puzzles in hattricks.

Special powerups and farm booster

Powerups get unlocked upon regular matching of vegetables in perfect time. It immediately increases the score and helps to unlock many puzzle-solving tools. Instead of powerups the game also has farm animals that come and clean up unwanted weeds for growing the crops at a fast rate. Both these features are beneficial for a player and help to boost up the score.

Challenge a friend by showing your score

The game differentiates players in terms of the stars. Every beginner and pro have star points on his account that give a unique identity about his involvement in the game. The high skilled pro players usually get more stars than the beginner. After reaching the number of stars, the player can send challenges to his friends to beat him in the game whenever your friend accepts the additional challenge points get added to your collection.

Download Farm Heroes Saga MOD APK 5.48.4

Farm Heroes Saga is a beautiful puzzle game featuring vegetables and fruits as the leading characters. It also has a different storyline instead of solving puzzles. It can be the game of choice for those who want to play some unique type of puzzle game.

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