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Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) (MOD, Unlimited Money) Apk for Android

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Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) Mod is a very high-quality truck simulator online game. It has extensive features of exploring some incredible locations of the world. Player has to take advantage of the role of a truck driver and travel through amazing places with another online player on super clean roads. The game shares realistic locations of countries like Europe, Berlin, Paris, etc. It also gives the option of customizing the truck by changing its colour, tire, and much other stuff in the garage available in the game. The weather conditions change as per the time to make it more realistic.

Information about Euro Truck Evolution Mod Apk

APP Name Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)
Size 33M + 195M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On May 2019
Get It On

Visual and Graphics

Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) is a wonderful game for exploring realistic 3D locations. Most of the player comes to play the game only for experiencing the unseen view of amazing places from different part of the world. The truck travels from country to country for delivering products—the scenes of the sky change concerning the weather condition. Day and night occur like real life to enhance the pragmatic view of the locations to enter a remarkable travel experience.

Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) MOD APK Features

It is a fantastic travel simulator game filled with the following features to explore:-

Different truck brands

Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) MOD apk comes with all truck unlocked. There are about 12 types of vehicles available to take a ride. There is no restriction on selecting and customizing the car for travel. Drivers are free to drive across highways, flat, and country roads to reach their destination on time.

Realistic cities to explore

The map loaded in the game is inspired by real cities. There are about 20 realistic cities available to explore. The player has to ride the track and examine the city one by one in the excuses for delivering goods on these locations. Drivers also can take rest in the middle of the roads or in some authentic place to enjoy the scene of a beautiful area.

Day and Night cycle

The realistic day and night cycle continues in the game that gives the feel of the day passing out near you. The player can recollect a fantastic memory of the journey by enjoying it with various online players on the roads. Other vehicles, including cars, vans also passing through the same way that doesn’t make the driver feel lonely. It gives the option to chat with online players to discuss the journey plan.

Achievements and leaderboards

The game gives rewards for the best driver looking into the number of rules followed and broken. The drivers need to follow the traffic rules and obey all the terms and conditions to grab rewards in the game. The truck driver should also focus to not collide with other vehicles travelling along the same path.

Download Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) Mod Apk for Android

Now, the Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) Mod Apk is ready for download and install, you can download and install on your android smart phone from our provided download link.

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