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Download Tekken 3 APK 1.1 (Fully Unlocked) Latest version for Android

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If you are a fan of action games then you have probably played this game once in your whole life. It could be the time when you played the game in console or video games, connected with your television set. Most of the gamers emerge after playing this one with other players on their tv set. I am talking about Tekken 3. What if I tell you that you can enjoy playing this old gem in your new smart devices with ease. Sure, you weren’t gonna believe this but it’s true with the new set of graphics and smoothness you can enjoy playing the game on your mobile phones.

After downloading the apk of Tekken 3, you would feel the same and ease and comfort that you now feel playing new mobile games. The developers designed the game that way so you can not feel fatigued while playing it which is commendable. Moreover, the game of Tekken 3 brings back the same features with the newness of the smoothness of graphics, which is quite exquisite on its own. The user interface is just the same as the old game but with a new type of controls, which would take some time to master but it’s not impossible to do that. If you want to download the game then directly scroll down to the bottom of the page, read below to get the insights of the game, and know all about it.

Information about Tekken 3 APK

APP Name Tekken 3
Size 22M
Powered By

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc

Last Update On October 2018

Get Rid Of Boreness:

Most of the game nowadays is great with the graphics but lacks the fun factor in it. That’s why most people feel bored after playing for a while which is not in the case of this Tekken 3 Game that lets you do whatever you wish to do in the game. That’s why it is known as one of the best Arcade game that ever built in the history of video and mobile games.

As we know this Tekken 3 Game is not developed for the mobile, we remember playing as a video game but as the evolution of smartphones happened, it’s the quite right time to transfer its ability in the mobile arena. Most of the mobile gamers were wishing to play these games on the mobiles as they haven’t played this game in the tv sets. They didn’t know the potential the game has but after playing it, the results were great for them as well as developers.

Unique Gameplay:

As far as the gameplay of this game goes, it’s quite the same as the old game where you can select your players from a bunch of them. The unique thing is all about the smoothness and stability of the game while playing it on the phone.

If you ever played this game on the play station, you would know slight sluggishness when in combat with other virtual or physical players but with this mobile Tekken 3 APK, you would not feel that in a frame whatsoever.

Speed Of Tekken 3:

The most interesting part about playing this game on smartphones is the speed of the players and the game. You would feel that the players are on your command, as you touch the button they would do exactly those things but with the speed, which is missing from the play station.

Controls Of The Game:

The controls are similar to the play station where, you have left-hand joysticks button, same as right side buttons. It would take some time to get you to figure out, how to master them but once you will, you are going to enjoy the gameplay more and more.

Tekken Graphics:

As a fan of arcade games, the graphics of Tekken 3’s quality as the same as the old console game. What changed the most is fluidity, as you would probably feel the smoothness, and realistic of the game graphics. You would be amazed by how these types of old games can be so great to play nowadays.

How to Download and Install Tekken 3 Game for Android?

Download Tekken 3 APK and install it on your smart android device. This apk of the old game lets you play with any characters you want with doubled the thrill and excitement as before. The procedure is simple, look below to check how you can easily install the apk of Tekken 3 game on your mobile phone.

  • Look for the download links of Apk file, and download by going through the process of the Tekken 3 APK game.
  • After downloading apk, just install like any apk. Enjoy playing with the old self and bring back precious memories.

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