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Download School Days MOD APK 1.232 for Android (Unlocked)

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School Days MOD is a school life simulator game that gives an environment to reenjoy the time of school days. It has many characters of students to choose to take entry to memory. The player has to select any of the names as a student and take admission to the school. You get surrounded by a bunch of students and teachers in the game that give the same feeling of rehabilitating the old days. Students can attend the class, function, play sports, interact with people, etc. The game provides different gaming controls on the screen to control every character properly.

Information about School Days Mod Apk

APP Name School Days
Size 25M
Features Unlocked
Powered By
Last Update On August 2020
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School Days puts on a detailed simulation of school life. Players can take classes on the private institutes and remove advertisements. There are around ten subjects that the student needs to learn at school. It also gives break time for lunch and playing games. The whole session continues like a real-life school. The players also have to go through a small fight between friends, outing, teases, cute romantic stories, etc. The simulator creates a beautiful replacement of school memory for the player to let anyone enjoy the best.

Features of School Days MOD Apk

School Days MOD apk is all about the journey of exploring the old school life. Some of the features available to explore are the following:-

Screen control features

School Days Apk has complex screen functions to control a lot of characters in the game. It also provides basic tutorials for the player to know about the controlling feature. It uses alphabets like ‘A’ for attacking any classmate. Other alphabets like G, R, P, and T help for a grapple, run, pick up, and making taunts. Additional buttons like attack and run are also present on the screen to take advantage of direct controls on the screen. Users can also see the heath clock to know about the current health status.

Control population on screen

School Days Mod Apk also comes with a population control features to low down the crowd on the screen. It will help to interact with the characters available near the places easily. The player also can talk and make taunts to enjoy the fun with the limited number of characters shown on the screen. It can be set by clicking on the setting option and reducing the number to the surface to a low value.

Frame speed up rate

This option is available to control the rate of time. Players can speed up the biological clock to take advantage of sleeping time. It will help the player take complete rest at the night time and get back to school again in the morning. School Days Apk Mod is the same as enjoying the clock cycle concerning the screen frame of the game. It can be useful for the player to enjoy the game like an everyday life of the school. Users can turn off the speed cycle once the health meter is full.

Speed up the conversations

The game displays speed bubbles on the screen while talking to other participants. It contains some text on the bubble that the user wants to speak to other classmates. This option helps to answer the question asked by the teacher in the classroom. Users can get additional points for their behaviour with the help of these bubbles for talking. Polite and respectful communication in front of the teacher can help to grab more points for the player.

Download School Days MOD APK 1.232 (Unlocked) for Android

School Days Mod Apk provides a virtual environment of reuniting the past life of the school. It gives a different joy of happiness to relive the situations of taking classes, dancing, play, and much stuff of old times.

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