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Download Mario Kart Tour APK v2.6.2 for Android

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Mario Kart Tour is an online multiplayer racing game where players come to race in a kart. The maximum people that can join in the competition is set to seven. The tour goes through new locations to give a great racing experience. There are some rules in each racing game, and the player needs to follow that to achieve his conquest. It also supports easy turning and drifting feature to make the scene more glorious. The player can participate in online bonus challenges and win the match to disclose his name on the dashboard. Gold cups, including extra bonuses, are rewarded to the winner of the race.

Information about Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk

APP Name Mario Kart Tour
Size 124M
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Last Update On November 2020
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The game starts by firing the rocket to the sky. The player needs to pull-down the green cylinder to see the fire effects in the air. The game then assigns any of the random characters to play. A player having Nintendo account is only eligible to play Mario Kart Tour. So, new participants from other countries have to create a Nintendo account using Google, Facebook, or other social media accounts to start the game. It gives tutorials to guide him to race in the match. For every new set, it provides any random racing track to start the race.

Visual and graphics

The game shares an incredible 3D animated graphics to make it more joyful. The race takes place on a smooth road with around seven other participants. The player has to accept the given character to start the race. After it gets finished, the list of all the participants gets ranked on the dashboard from one to seventh. The control options are quite comfortable. The player needs to swipe only his one finger to control the direction and movement of the kart. Swiping up, down, right, is used for controlling the racing kart.

Features of Mario Kart Tour app

Mario Kart Tour is the best game for kids to grab a bunch of amusement. Some of the features available to explore are the following:-

Worldwide player challenge

The game is streamed online and gets connected with any of the random participants from all around the world. The race begins at the same time to obey the fair play rule. The player only needs a stable internet connection to start the race and become the charm of the audience. There are various powerups and gold rings come on the track that determines the actual score of the player.

Different category of racing

The game has different racing modes to create diversification on the matches. Players can choose single as well as team matches to take the race to the next level. The game also can be played between the friend circle by creating rooms. They also can participate in online racing tournaments to prove racing talents. The racing track comes from simple to complex mode to carry forward the race. It all depends on the mood of the player to choose the type of battle.

Endless Mario kart fun

There are many combinations of tracks available to enjoy in the race. Multiple routes are available that end the player in the main trail. The player can select any of the tracks to become first in the run. The game shares the model of realistic locations to deploy fantastic gameplay. Different powerups are available on the road to boost up the speed of kart and comfort to win the race. The kart racers can knock on each other kart to lay down the opponent coming on the way.

Take advantage of frenzy mode

It is an auxiliary type of power booster that unlock different features around the kart. It surrounds the kart, and open ups varied category of tool to help the player in defeating the competitor team. The player can use this stuff to overly the kart of opponents and move at a faster speed. This feature arrives after collecting the threshold gold rings from the racing track. Around four types of features get unlocked in the frenzy mode to take the player from last to the first position.

Collect all the need before driving

The player has to complete some initial steps before starting the race. He is independent to choose the driver, gliders, and karts for taking entry to the competition. The game has premium features to take advantage of expensive characters to begin the contest differently. The players can grab the Mega takedown and Goomba bootups to have an energetic start on the race.

Final verdict

Mario Kart Tour is a race cum tour game that gives a happy racing experience with cute characters. The game is simple to play and full of incredible panoramas to draw the attention of the player. The steady control options make the player very comfortable to enjoy the race.

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