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Download Homescapes MOD APK v4.8.4 (Unlimited Stars)

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Playrix company designed the 3-puzzle game which is popular as the Homescapes which is available for both iOS and Android users.

Information about Homescapes Mod Apk

APP Name Homescapes MOD
Version 4.8.4
Size 147M
Category Casual
Features Unlimited Stars
Powered By
Last Update On September 2021
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Homescapes APK is a mobile game where the players need to solve different puzzles and renovate the house and furnish it with the assistance of Austin. The interiors of the mansion have to be redesigned and furnished, the new rooms has to be furnished, and also the player can unlock all the new characters. The new rooms that are unlocked have to be primarily fixed, the player is required to solve the puzzle to obtain the parts for fixing the room. The story has its base from the character Austin who resides with his parents. As the family is unable to bear the cost of renovating the mansion, the flocks in the house have decided to sell off their family mansion and Austin comes to their rescue.

Visual and sounds

Inside the game, Austin has a family; the developer had made him a bald man to make him look like a family man. His sons and daughter in the house look very cool and help Austin to decorate the home. All the Homscapes characters behave like rational human beings and show expressions according to the situation. The looks of the house became more beautiful when Austin brings more decorating stuff from the earned coin. The sound of the candy game is the same as CandyCrush

Homescape Game Features

Instead of home decoration, the game also has more features to explore. Some of the additional features that you get inside the game are the following:-

Reinnovate the house by finding matching pieces

In the beginning, the condition of the house is terrible. Things inside the house are arranged not in a proper manner. The player helps to organize all the fallen and broken things to put in their place. Austin also takes help from his children for cleaning the dirt on the floors and walls. It gives the same feeling of making things better by helping the old Mansion in the game.

Decide about the interior design

Austin also has to think about the look of the house. Apply some innovative ideas to find out the best interior plan for the home. Try putting your ideas to reality by changing the structure of the house. Austin had to thinks every little detail for arranging sofa, bed, matrices, Led, table, etc. Color and design the walls on the house to make it look more attractive. The main motto of the game is to change a typical home to a classic house.

Watch the lives and interact with them

The player has full power to control the mind of Austin. You only need to apply some command and wait for the role of Mansion. For example, Austin will leave the rest of his work and start cleaning the house if a player gives an authority to clean the house. Everything is on the control, and you can command them and enjoy watching all the work they do in the game.

Purchase premium features to decorate house

The game sells some pro decorating stuff, which can make the house look more beautiful. Premium household themes can’t be unlocked even after scoring high scores in the game. The player needs to purchase it by investing real cash to make the house look better than before.

Play with naughty and fluffy cat

Austin also had a fluffy cat in the home. The cat is sluggish and starts sleeping anywhere in the home. So, the player needs to put the cat and place it in some clean place while cleaning the house. It is the cutest and funny character in the game that makes everyone laugh while playing the game.

Additional features of Homescapes Mod Apk includes:


  • Power-ups: It enables to clear the entire row or column. Power-ups can also clear the nearby areas.
  • Rocket: The Rocket power-up matches four elements in a line and it also clears the entiresingle row or column.
  • Bomb: It enables to match the T or L shaped arrangement and even clears the surrounding areas.
  • Plane: It can match four elements that are in a square to acquire plane power up. It can also clear the four surrounding spaces.
  • Rainbow ball: It matches five elements to get rainbow power-upin a straight line, it can even remove all of one particular kind of element.

Combos of power-ups

  • Two bombs clear a huge portion of the surrounding areas.
  • Two Rockets that has the power to clear one row and one column.
  • Two paper planes can clear all the nearby surrounding spaces.
  • Two Rainbow balls can clear the entire board of elements.
  • One rocket and one bomb clear three rows and three columns.
  • There are plenty of power-up combos in Homescapes Mod Apk.

Fantastic character

  • The players can watch the characters and interact with other characters using an in-game social network.


  • There are hearts, stars, and coins in the form of currency

Social Media Benefits

  • The player can join the social media Facebook platform and thereby collect coins and other benefits.
  • Up to one thousand coins can be acquired.
  • The photos of your mansion can be shared with family members and friends.
  • To obtain additional benefits, the player can also make his team.

MOD features

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited stars
  • Free assignments

How to play

The parents of Austin are speculating to sell their old family house, their son Austin is sad to see the house’s legacy being lost. To save their mansion, Austin needs to match three puzzles, earn some stars and redesign the entire mansion. You must take up the role of Austin’s companion, and help him to solve the puzzle and get some gold coins in exchange. The same item needs to be matched in to a horizontal or vertical row. As each level gets completed, Austin collects coins and the money collected can be used to repair any item in his house. There are over 400 missions and various levels of challenges in the game. The money obtained can be used to repair and also buy certain new furniture in the house like armchairs, fish tanks, doorbells, etc. By the end of the day, as you finish the mission, you can earn a bonus.

The game is suitable for all players as it is simple and fun to play. The player  can use certain tips while playing the game. When you don’t find and match, wait for few seconds, the game will highlight the best match in a short duration as you remain idle. Make use of the boosters as a last resort to get you out of tough situations. Rockets, bombs, paper planes, and Rainbow ball comes in handy. Matching the boosters together can create wonders by creating certain incredible super boosters. Take advantage of the infinite retry booster and also the player can get social through Facebook. You can log in to the game via a Facebook account, it will grant the player 1000 coins. The player can also send or receive retries to his friends via Facebook.

Downloading and Installing Homescapes Mod Apk

  • The primary step is to click on the download button for downloading Homescapes Mod Apk, once the download is completed, the app will be installed
  • Go to the settings option on your phone and click on the security
  • Look for unknown sources to turn it on
  • Go to the folder where the file that has been downloaded is saved
  • Click on APK file and then click on install
  • Give some time for the installation to complete, once it’s done you can access Homescapes MOD APK from your phone.

Final words

Homescapes MOD APK is a 3-puzzle mobile game that was developed by Playrix company, the game is accessible for both Android and iOS users. It is easy to play and cleverly designed game, it takes us back to our childhood memorable dreams. The game is similar to popular gardenscapes, the player will play the role of assisting Austin who will redesign his parent’s mansion. The player needs to solve different puzzles, matching the similar items into horizontal and vertical rows. The game is worth playing with friends and the pictures of the mansion can be shared with family members and friends.

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