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Download Food Truck Chef MOD APK 1.9.2 (Unlimited Coins)

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Food Truck Chef MOD (Unlimited Coins) The game is all about maintaining a Food truck and expanding the business. The player has to perform the role of a Food Truck Chef and manage the store to earn big profits. The game is the right way of gaining some experience of store maintenance. The game doesn’t only aim for cooking delicious food items but also focuses on maintaining cleanliness in the store. There are tons of levels available to enjoy amazing cooking stuff. Food Truck Chef also has to expand his business all around the city to grow the popularity of the store.

Information about Food Truck Chef Mod Apk

APP Name Food Truck Chef
Version 1.9.2
Size 85M
Features Unlimited Coins
Powered By
Last Update On October 2020
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The game reflects the story of a small food truck chef and his struggle for making it a brand in the city. Every player has to start from a small food truck. The battle continues, and he can then unlock more new characters to push up the sale in the city. The chef has to deal with different types of customers coming to the truck for doing an order for food. The game rewards more for delivering food on time. The business will generate more profit after unlocking new levels. In the next levels, the player has to buy a new truck and sent them to make hotspots of the cities to boost up the sales.

Feature of Food Truck Chef

The game is all about the lifestyle and business of a Food Truck Chef. Some of the features available to explore are the following:-

Cooking and travelling

The main work of the chef is to cook new types of dishes for the customers. There are more than 700 types of recipes available to prepare. He also needs to buy ingredients for food before time to meet the requirements of the customers. In the beginning stages, the chef doesn’t get only a limited number of orders to deliver. The number of rules and varieties of dishes gets unlocked on new levels. The chef also has to decide which place to travel to get more sales in the city.

Upgrading new features

The latest version of the game has loaded new upgrading features. The chef is allowed to upgrade the look of the kitchen, recipes, and new locations for moving his truck. It is also necessary to maintain cleanliness in the store to get good comments from the customers. The player has to focus more on cooking rather than the complaints received from the customers. Unlock new recipes and suggest your customer try something new on another day.

Participate in Food war

Food war doesn’t mean throwing food on the opponent. The chef has to participate in a competition and meet new types of chefs from all around the world. He has to try best in the battle to win the game. Cook the most delicious dish that you have more experienced to deliver to increase the chances of winning. The chef has to face new types of battles to experience the quality of other chefs coming to the food war.

Decorate your truck

Attracting customers to the service is the first strategy of any business. The chef, therefore, is given an option to decorate the truck to attack customers to the store. Do custom design by applying a new type of filter to look more different from other food trucks. The more attractive your truck look, the more customer you can drive to the store.

Become the superchef

The final aim of the game is to make you a superchef of the city. The player needs to follow the rules of the game for improving the store quality at each level. Become the superchef of the town and gain popularity with the identity of the master chefs in the world.

Download Food Truck Chef MOD APK 1.9.2

Food Truck Chef is one of the best food management game that let you experience the real challenges in running a business. The unique features attract the player to explore more in the game.

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