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Download Diamond Quest MOD APK 2.85 (Free Purchase)

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Diamond Quest MOD APK – brain challenging game for finding out the diamonds. The player needs to solve puzzles, kill bosses, avoid the trap to quest diamonds. The game displays a front view of the place to get a clear idea about the location of rock. Players need to solve the grass puzzles to get the diamond hidden on the grass. Different bosses come on each level for protecting the diamond. But, the moto of the player is to kill them with the vacant weapons and take away all the diamond. Treasures are also present in the corner and hidden surfaces. The player has to apply his brain to reach the spot with safety and grab the diamonds.

Information about Diamond Quest Mod Apk

APP Name Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush
Size 30M
Features Unlimited Gems
Powered By
Last Update On June 2020
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The game starts by landing the player to a greeny location. The location is full of grass and stones under which the diamond is hidden. For reaching to the diamond, it is necessary to make the way clear by alternating the sand and grass. Different levels have diverse variations of arrangement for solving the puzzle. All the features are loaded looking into the one solution for reaching to the diamond. The player needs to apply his mind to crack the problem and take advantage of the area. The main obstacle is killing the boss of the ground level. Players need to use the resources present in the place to defeat the boss.

Features of Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush

Diamond Quest is a game for finding and grabbing diamond hidden in different places. The features available to explore in the game are the following:-

Solve exciting puzzles

The game has added both problems solving and finding treasure hunt in every level. Stone and grasses exist everywhere to fill the places. The players need to focus on managing the sequence to arrange the puzzle and unlock the diamonds. The Miami get automatically trapped and save on the wallet when the player reaches the location. Every phase has some specific number of rock to grab at the given time.

Be safe to grab the diamonds

The player also needs to protect himself from the auto-firing weapons set for killing. Different attacks come across at many players to kill the player. It all depends upon the plan of the performer to deal and grab the diamond with much safety. The game also runs a time clock on the top right corner to note down the time spent to clear each level. Good grades come if the level gets cleaned in very less time. The location is full of undiscovered tech traps that can lay down and end the match with one wrong step. It is, therefore, necessary to play in a tricky manner to extricate the level.

Avoid new traps

It is quite challenging to quest diamond in the competition. Some of the diamonds are easy to quest as a strict trap doesn’t surround at all. The player needs to make blueprints of reaching the treasure and an additional escape plan to come out of the place. He also needs to implement the plan to not fall in any trap. The player has to start collecting diamond from the initial point if he failed in the midway. A mind flinging strategy must bring in to turn out the situation.

Use mystic tools

These are the tools that are present to help the player for collecting diamond. It makes the situation easy and helps to crack the trap and puzzle without much pressure. The only way to come out from the job is to take the help of mystic tools for reaching to the diamonds. The player should grab these tools and save it for using in the needy case.

Download Diamond Quest MOD APK for Android

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush is an incredible quest game that gives the brain-challenging experience of finding the diamond. It can be the game of choice for those who want to play some brain master game. Overall the game can be best for refreshing mind for a short time.

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