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Download Design Home MOD APK 1.58.018 (Unlimited Money)

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Design Home MOD (Unlimited Money) is a game of designing houses. It gives a lot of decorative stuff to enhance the glimpse of the room. Users can change the colour of the carpet, paint the wall, change the position of things, etc. The game is designed especially for the creative mind. It has sharp challenges to complete for winning new rewards. The player has to decorate the place to give it an eye-catching view. Pro designing features are also available to apply to the room to add some more beauty. Players can also view rooms of other participants by switching to the online mode. It also comes with a chatroom feature where participants can make a plan for their new residence designs.

Information about Design Home Mod Apk

APP Name Design Home: House Renovation
Size 75M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On August 2020
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Visual and Graphics

Design Home comes with a 3D optimized room where players can easily distinguish the length, breadth, and height of the space. Every new challenge brings a new type of cabin to decorate. The role of the player is to apply a creative mind to add colour-matching stuff to the room. The decorative plan takes creativity to the next level. It makes anyone feel like illuminating a luxurious space. The game collaborates itself to top brands which carry the idea of attractive decoration from the users.

Features of Design Home MOD

Design Home: House Renovation Mod Apk is all about decorating and designing houses. Some of the additional feature available to explore in the game are the following:-

Become a pro interior designer

Design Home has hundreds of levels to complete. After completing every single class, it brings more new stories in front of the player to apply inventiveness. Users can also share the image of their decorative stuff directly to social media by connecting the game with Facebook and Google accounts. The game is very strict related to privacy and doesn’t share the user data to third party communities.

Access to new homes

Design Home Apk has a collection of cottages with different sizes. It has both free and paid features of homes available for the location. But, there is no need to be a worry in the mod apk. It comes with all features unlocked to give editing advantage to the next level. Players can choose empty, crowded, furniture rooms from the collection to start the embellishment. It all depends upon the creativity of the player to decorate the house to the most civilized phase.

Connect to high-end brands

The game collaborates with some top-level international brand for promotion. The products available to decorate have some tag line with brand names that make everyone know the company’s reputation during decoration. It is the smartest method to do an advertisement in the form of gameplay. The player has to decide which brand to choose for the duration. It doesn’t create any disturbance while designing the houses but helps to know which type of brands are selling home decorating equipment. The player can be trimmed to their level best and earn rewards for designing every single dwelling.

Connect with new players

Design Home MOD needs an internet connection to proceed with the gameplay. Players can join the group and make a plan before designing the house. It doesn’t let them feel bored while playing the game. It also provides an option of a chatroom where they can chat regarding the designing work at the time of complication. It opens a way to connect with anonymous from all around the world.

Download Design Home 1.58.018 Mod APK

Design Home MOD Apk can be the best game for those who have an interest in designing and decorating. It also can help interior designers to get some creative ideas about decorating a room. Overall, it’s a game for people having a different level of interest.

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