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Download Bloons TD Battles APK 6.8.0 (MOD, Unlimited Medallions)

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Bloons TD battles is an online multiplayer game where two different players had to battle for bloom-popping. Monkies are the leading character in the game who has to defeat the opponent characters. These monkey vs monkey game is designed with more than 18 different tracks for the fight. They also can show new styles of attack to control the Bloons on the road. The players need to involve themselves in a simultaneous attack to weaken the opposite team. The game lets you experience more fun stuff as well as fantastic tools for lay down your opponent. Different modes are available to provide extensive experience in gaming.

Information about Bloons TD Battles Mod AP

APP Name Bloons TD Battles
Version 6.8.0
Size 94M
Features Unlimited Medallions
Powered By
Last Update On October 2020
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It is a game of fun and enjoyment. The screenplay is quite comfortable to control. It displays curvy, straight, and round tracks where the player has to throw their bloons to start the battle. The bloons come with different types of shapes. The round Bloons travel to farthest distances and easily dominate the blood thrown by the opponents. The players have to full the road will bloons for attacking the monkey standing on the other side of the way. The monkey who first sleep down on the track loses the game. The probability of winning depends upon which type of bloom to choose for attacking the opponent team.

Features of Bloons TD Battles

The game is quite impressive for those who don’t want to be a game addict. Some of the features available to experience are the following:-

Head to head battle

The battle continues one after the other simultaneously. There is no stoppage of attacking; the monkey from both sides have to keep attacking to defeat each other. The game is not about a physical fight. All the attacks have to be done only with bloons. The attacking Bloons randomly come on the screen, so it all depends on the monkey which type of combat to choose for attacking the opponent.

Varieties of Battle tracks

The game had more than 27 battle tracks to make a difference on each level. The curviness of records increases with the standard levels. It becomes more complex and round as soon as you unlock new levels. Throw out bloons on the track to reach the end of your opponent. The roads can be rough, slippery, or moderate concerning the level of the game.

Create private matches

The player is allowed to play with any of his friends by sending them the invitation link. The game begins when your friend accepts the invitation to face the challenge. It also supports public matches where you can enjoy the battle with unknown people at any time. The game has users from all around the world. So you may get connected to any of the users on a global level.

New achievements to claim

The game gives new rewards at every level. There are around 16 types of cool achievements available for the winner of the game. The latest progress will make the game a little easy and help to score more in the next level. Customize your bloon to improve the speed of defeating your opponent. The moto of the player is to register a signature stamp on his name.

Bloons TD Battles Mod APK (Unlimited Medallions)

Bloons TD Battles is a fun game where two monkeys had a battle with bloons. The competition makes it busy for players for a short moment. The players need to be focused in the game till the end to win the contest. The game is quite natural for those who are fond of shooting game.

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