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Download APK Editor Pro APK 1.14.0 (Premium/Unlocked)

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Most of the time, we may think of changing the app icon, design, removing ads, etc. But, we can do because of lack of knowldege. Internet is full of lot of apk editing apps that allows you to edit and customize the features of any type of Android app up to some limits. Apk editor pro is an example of such app that allows to edit an apk file. You doesn’t need any coding knowledge to use this app. A user can perform many functions like re-architecture, removing some permissions, change app icon and name of the app with few clicks. It has had advanced options for removing the ad units to get rid of advertisements. Some options are also present for the use of developers. In this post, we will have a look at details about APK Editor Pro apk.

Information about APK Editor Pro APK

APP Name APK Editor
Size 20M
Features Premium/Unlocked
Powered By
Last Update On July 2020

The interface of APK Editor Pro

The Logo of the app is kept the same as the android logo with a pencil icon. The Logo means to provide the feature of editing the app. You don’t need any login or signup procedure to use its features. It gives three editing options like simple edit, common edit, and resource edit. The users who want to change the name or icon of the app can use the simple edit option. You can also use a standard edit option if you’re going to do some changes in a little depth. But, the resource edit option is only for the developers. Don’t use it if you don’t have a knowledge of programming languages.

How to use APK Editor Pro Mod

Follow the below steps to get full details of using apk editor pro:-

  • Select an app:- First, you need to select any of the apk files to start the editing procedure. There are two ways to choose an app. One method is to choose the app directly from the installed applications. The other method includes selecting an app from the file manager.
  • Tutorial guide:- The app has an option of ‘help guide‘ where you can learn all the details of editing an Android application. It describes all the information with the help of images for clear understanding. Take a screenshot of the manual and follow the procedure one by one to avoid mistakes.

Features of APK Editor Pro

The app shares quite fantastic features to change the setting of any apk file. Some of the features available in the app are the following:-

Change app architecture

APK Editor Pro has options to create and save the newly edited apk on your file manager. After selecting the app, the user needs to save the new app file and install it manually. You can change the complete design of the app, including the background images and fonts to give it a different look. It will not let anyone distinguish from the original app. All the features will remain the same instead of its architecture.

Resource edit features

This feature displays all the coding done to create and apk in the android studio. It categorizes all the files that are put inside the apk to help the user find any required records. Clicking on each file will display the source code written in HTML, Java, or C++ languages. The developer who knows this programming language can replace the coding with a new system to change the functions of the app. They can export and save the apk file in their phone to check it’s performance.

Remove advertisement

It is the most common problem that every Android user had to face. APK Editor Pro Apk can help you to remove irritating third party advertisements from any type of android app. Users can directly delete the ads-publisher id from the apk file to stop displaying all of the ads. The full guide is available in the app manual option. Removing advertisement is not a complicated process a non-coder can also do it by simply reading the help manual.

Create your brand

APK Editor Pro gives all the features to edit an app. You can change all the features, including the license key. But, You only can hack apps that runs without log in system. It is just a simple editor app so, it can’t cut the database. Edit simple features like background, design, and remove the license key to create a new app. Export the file and publish your app on the play store by adding your advertising id with a new logo.

Final verdict

APK Editor Pro Apk is a simple app editor that gives options from average to high level of editing the apk resources. Most of the users having a pure knowledge of coding are customizing apps developed by others and also publishing with their brand name without any issue. It can also be a useful app for regular users to do simple editing for adding or removing some basic features in an app.

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