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Day R Premium Mod Apk 1.667 (Unlimited Coins)

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Day R Premium is a game with online multiplayer mode. It takes you to the era of 1990s. The player can experience old locations and guns all around the city. The whole country is affected by epidemic viruses. Only a few people are available in the town to survive. The player has to find the people who can help him to sustain in the place. The places are always destroyed with nuclear bombs, so everything looks little different in comparison to the modern world. The game well describes the struggle of surviving in the old place.

Information about Day R Premium MOD APK

APP Name Day R Premium
Version 1.667
Size 75M
Features Unlimited Coins
Powered By
Last Update On July 2020
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The story of the game is intermixed with all types of adventure. The olden times don’t have enough technology to make everything easy. All the survivors have to use the old guns and weapons for defeating zombies in the area. The player had to struggle for finding food and shelter to survive in the city. The main struggle comes when the situation arises of saving the family. The player had to struggle a lot to find a safe place to keep his family safe. The survivors have to use their guns to kill the bad ones in the city. He also needs to protect the body from the infected people to block the spreading of infection.

Features of Day R Premium

Day R Premium is a hardcore survival game with the following type of features:-

Realistic world

The game has more than 2700 collection of towns and cities. All the places are severely infected from viruses and surrounded by zombies. It gives the experience of surviving in an unknown and undiscovered location. All the scenes resemble the olden days of the 1990s. The unique environment can provide a different type of experience of playing the game.

New people and stories

The survivor has to meet new people in the city. He has to listen to their story of struggle. The team travels in a group for food and shelter. They need to face a group of zombies who are searching for people like a devil. The survivors had to use all the old technological guns and weapons to defeat the zombies as quickly as possible. The chances of surviving in the city are increased after you follow new people and travel in a group.

Improve your skills

Nobody is there in the city to work for you. Zombies and evils only surround the town. The player has to make new weapons for killing them. He needs to do the work of blacksmith for making new weapons. Some of the group members have to work on the research lab for creating new vaccines for the treatment. All have to try new stuff to improve their skill for surviving till the end.

Interact with online players

The game gives a chat option to share some idea of survival with the group members. They all have to be gathered and make a plan for deciding their future. Bomb attacks are regularly going on in the city at random places. The whole situation is like an evil disaster for the survivors. All have to apply new ideas to stay longer in the city.

Unlock new places

Discover the way towards the new city by following the map. The player gets details about the town before taking entry to the border. All the group members have to find the safest city to get the benefit of resources available for survival. Players had to find new types of supplies in the new place and use them for killing zombies in the new area.

Download Day R Premium MOD APK v1.667

Day R Premium gives a new type of experience after every few minutes. There are a lot of surprising locations and missions on each level which makes it quite challenging for the player. All have to unite and go through a master plan to remain alive in the city.

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